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Future perfect


Faculty: Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
School: School of Education
Course: MA Early Childhood Education
Category: Education

22 October 2019

As an Early Childhood Studies graduate I knew I wanted to work in teaching or education - but what was the right path for me? Studying a Masters has helped me to define my future.

I have continued straight from my BA to my MA in Chelmsford. I’m used to the way ARU works, so staying here made sense as I knew another year would fly by and it’d help me work out my plan of action.

Having just completed my BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies at ARU, I was wondering whether I should apply for my teacher training next. Something just wasn’t sitting right, was teaching definitely the right route for me? I knew ARU offered a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education – but it had never crossed my mind to go straight into an MA after my BA.

I applied for the MA in my third year because I knew it would help me further my knowledge in the early years field. It would also give me another qualification that could help me go down the path of teaching, or even find something else.

My third year passed by and I didn’t let the prospect of my application worry me; I had plenty to keep me busy with my final year so the pressure was off.

The MA was only a year if I did it full-time, that’s what made it so exciting. Three years had gone so quickly and I knew I would be able to do another year, while I was in the right study mind-set.

Another bonus, of course, was the fact that as a continuing student ARU would offer me an Alumni Scholarship. This is a minimum of £1,000 discount, but more if I got the grades I hoped for.*

But what really helped make my decision, was the fact that I knew ARU. I knew the campus, I knew the lecturers and what was expected of me academically. On top of this, I was already signed up with the Employment Bureau at ARU and working part-time (flexibly and regularly) for the University where I’m well-known by the staff and students that I work with.

Making the most of these relationships, furthering my study and giving myself time to work out where I want to go next – it just all made sense!

I’m only a few months into my MA but my future is already becoming clear. I know I want to go into the world of work as a private nanny next, but I also know I can do my PGCE to become a primary school teacher in the future, too.

The choice is mine and ARU has empowered me to own that.

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* Full funding information and eligibility can be found at our Alumni Scholarship page.


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