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8 June 2022

When studying at ARU, you’ll be able to explore your passions and challenge yourself, and you will be guided by your tutors step by step through your journey. But what would the university experience be without friends and a bit (or a bit more) fun? Read more…

6 May 2022

When you join your course and start your modules, you’ll get a full reading list that will include journals, essays and textbooks, so don’t jump the gun and wait until you start to make the most of your finances and the awesome library here. In the meantime, to quench your thirst for knowledge… Read more…

6 May 2022

I studied my BA and then my MA at ARU and so there are many resources that helped inform my writing and individual style. You will get a specific reading list as part of your course when you start your modules, but this isn’t about that… Read more…

5 August 2021

I remember my move-in day as if it were only yesterday. The excitement, the slight fear, the things that I did right and where I could have improved. These are the tips that I would share with anyone who is moving into housing or student accommodation this September. Read more…

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