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7 December 2023

I absolutely love living in England, but there are moments where I feel homesick. Here’s how I cope with that. Read more…

22 September 2023

MA Music Therapy student, Dominique, tells us about imposter syndrome and shares her experience of conquering it and celebrating her successes. Read more…

11 July 2023

Digital Media Production student Sade applied to ARU through Clearing, having taken a year out to work and gain experience. Here, she explains how Clearing was the opportunity to find her perfect course. Read more…

23 June 2023

We asked our computer gaming lecturers to tell us their top resources for new students to check out before joining one of our courses. Here are Computer Games Course Leader Dominic Chapman's suggestions. Read more…

12 June 2023

I have had the pleasure of travelling all over England and a few other countries since I moved here in September. Studying at ARU has been phenomenal, and in the time away from my studies, I have taken every opportunity to explore. Here are the benefits I’ve found from my travels so far: Read more…

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