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Ruskin Modules FAQs

In March 2019, the Senate approved a paper [SEN/19/06] detailing the introduction of Ruskin modules to the undergraduate curriculum. The paper detailed proposals amended following a formal institution-wide consultation exercise.

The consultation feedback was considered in detail, and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document was created to address the points raised. View the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document or view specific questions and answers below.

1. What are Ruskin modules?

2. What is the pedagogic rationale for Ruskin modules?

3. Who will be teaching Ruskin modules?

4. Will staff be supported to develop Ruskin modules?

5. Will Ruskin modules receive credit on the AWBM?

6. What will happen if a Ruskin module is very popular?

7. Will the same level of choice be maintained at both campuses?

8. What evidence is there that students will welcome Ruskin modules?

9. How do we ensure that Ruskin modules are relevant to our students?

10. Will Ruskin modules be themed?

11. How will we integrate Ruskin modules into our courses?

12. Does this mean we need to review and revise existing courses?

13. Could existing modules be repurposed as Ruskin modules?

14. How will Ruskin modules impact on the delivery of Degree Apprenticeships?

15. How will Ruskin modules affect PSRB accreditation and requirements?

16. How do Ruskin modules work alongside Major Projects?