Pedagogic research

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ARU is developing its engagement with pedagogic research in higher education. Anglia Learning & Teaching is the central point of contact for this growing area of study.

We are passionate about ensuring that knowledge, experience and strategies are shared across our university.  Work has included establishing the Pedagogic Research Directory and a cross faculty research group to support the development of educational expertise.

What is pedagogic research?

Pedagogic research can be defined as research that enhances the theoretical and/or conceptual understanding of teaching and learning processes, experiences, outcomes and contexts in higher education.

Pedagogic research:

  • enhances understanding of learning and teaching practices and processes
  • influences discourse about teaching excellence and is of growing importance
  • supports the Teaching Excellence Framework
  • allows staff to reflect, develop, and improve their practice
  • encourages better understanding of the learning and teaching environment
  • can make a different to the student experience
  • influences University policy as well as the wider learning and teaching community
  • encourages collaboration between colleagues across disciplines
  • promotes professional dialogue and debate
  • contributes to the knowledge base through journals and networks.


Pedagogic research community

Pedagogic research directory


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