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UK open banking

Pay your tuition or accommodation fees by a UK open bank transfer quickly and easily, using open banking.

This service is available to those with a UK bank account. Please see our international payment options page if you do not currently have a UK account.

What is open banking?

Open banking is a commonly used payment solution which allows you to make an online real-time payment by bank transfer from your UK bank account.

The solution is being made available to students in partnership with Flywire using Trustly as part of the Flywire payment platform.

You'll be required to authenticate the payment in the same way as if you are processing a bank transfer using online banking on your mobile or computer, eg a one-time passcode sent to you from your bank or facial recognition.

If you prefer not to use Trustly open banking but still wish to make a UK-to-UK bank transfer, this is also available on the Flywire platform when you select United Kingdom. However, please be aware that this may then take a little longer to reflect against your invoice.

Can you explain the process – what do I need to do?

  1. Choose 'Start Payment' and select United Kingdom from the 'The payment will come from' dropdown menu option and enter payment details
  2. Select 'Trustly' and enter student details
  3. Enter the details of the payer (this may not be the student) and the email address of who the payment confirmation should be sent to
  4. Select your bank from the list
  5. Authentication – follow your bank's instructions to authorise the payment. For example, this may be a one time pass-code to your mobile or facial recognition
  6. Payment reference generated on successful completion of your payment
  7. An email confirmation will be sent once Flywire have received and processed your payment (usually within 24-48 hrs)
Start payment

Frequently asked questions

If you wish to use open banking to make a payment in Great British Pounds (GBP), you will need a UK bank account.

If you do not have a bank account in the UK you can still make a payment by bank transfer, but it will be an international payment. For more information visit our international payment options page.

The Flywire website will work on both your mobile phone and desktop computer. The choice is down to your personal preference.

Open banking has been on the market since 2018 and has been mainstream since 2019.

Payments must be authenticated by the payer and will use the same methods of authentication as you will already use for a normal online bank transfer using your computer or mobile phone banking. For example, your bank may send you a one-time passcode, you may use facial recognition on your mobile phone, or your bank may have provided you with an authentication device.

Yes, the payer can be the student, a parent or a third party.

As part of Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, the payer will be required to enter their details and to authenticate the open banking payment on their mobile or desktop device. The student is also required to know who is paying on their behalf and in some circumstances will be required by the University to provide evidence of their relationship to the payer for compliance reasons.

You can use this payment method to pay:

  • Tuition fees
  • Tuition deposit
  • ​​​​Accommodation Fees

Once you have processed your online payment, it should be received by Flywire the same day. Flywire will carry out their compliance checks the following day and then pass the payment onto Anglia Ruskin University the day after that. In total it should take 2–3 working days for the payment to be received and allocated to your University account.

You can track the progress of your payment using this payment method.

If you chose to make a manual payment through this solution rather than the Trustly open banking option, it can take slightly longer and will appear approximately 3-4 working days after payment.

While debit and credit card payments are often seen as a quick and easy method of paying, they do have high processing fees which the University currently pays.

UK open banking is a far cheaper and more cost-effective payment method. Paying your fee using Trustly Online Bank Transfer therefore helps Anglia Ruskin University to reduce these transaction costs.

Sometimes when you make a direct bank transfer to a third party, there can be a bank handling fee or other deductions made. Often, the person receiving the payment may have difficulty identifying the sender as the payment may have incorrect references. The UK open banking method avoids any worries around your payment not being correctly referenced and Anglia Ruskin University being unable to identify and match your payment to your fee invoice. Instead, your payment is automatically matched to the student ID number that you enter at the start of the payment process.