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SEED Programme

SEED is a programme which is based on three ideas:

  • 1 Growing social enterprises need support and expert input to increase their impact and their turnover
  • 2 Managers in these growing social enterprises can learn a lot from each other
  • 3 The best people to raise awareness of social enterprise are people who work there, not government

SEED has brought together 14 social enterprise managers from the East of England. Over two years, we have held masterclasses, run student-led seminars, supported action learning sets, and campaigned to raise the profile of this vibrant and growing sector. Our social enterprises have grown, and our people have developed new skills and built a support network which will outlast the formal project time scale.

Now we want to extend this model, and work with new partners in the East and elsewhere. We've shown that self-help can work for social enterprise, why not bring SEED to your area? Read more about SEED on the pdf document at the foot of this page.

For an informal discussion on how it all works, call Andy Brady on 0845 196 6888, or email [email protected]

SEED in the East of England is funded by Capacitybuilders and supported by our social enterprise network, SEEE. You can read about our campaigning by visiting we love social enterprise.

About the SEED programme