Clearing dates and deadlines

Looking to secure a place at university, but wondering how the Clearing process works? Our guide has all the information and dates you need to make sure you’re prepared.

First step, take a deep breath. No need to panic – we’ve got you covered.

Anglia Ruskin University student pictured in front of a large letter C for Clearing

1 July: Clearing opens

From 1 July you can apply directly to us, online or by phone. It's a quick and easy process.

Browse courses with Clearing vacancies and apply today.

Anyone can apply through Clearing (see What is Clearing?). You don't have to be sitting exams this year.

However, if you are getting your results this summer, applying early is a great way to beat the rush. You can apply in July then, once you get your results, update your application. We'll then review it and make you an offer if we can.

If you'd like to find out more about ARU before you apply, chat to our students online.

5 July: update UCAS

If you're using UCAS to manage your university applications, its Clearing system opens on 5 July 2024. Once you've received confirmation of a Clearing offer, you can add the university and course as your Clearing choice.

If you aren't using UCAS, for example because you're returning to education, there's no need to set up a UCAS account. You can simply follow the instructions your university sends you.

End of July: some results available

Some results are released at the end of July, though a few may be released earlier or later than this. You can use UCAS to check if your results come to your firm and insurance choice university.

If your qualification is listed, log into UCAS Hub once you've got your results to check if your university has confirmed your place.

If they have, congratulations! You don’t need to do anything else.

If the qualification you've taken this year isn't listed, you'll need to send the results to the universities that you are holding a place with. If your place is with ARU, simply upload the qualifications to your portal.

If you don’t have a confirmed place at your firm or insurance choice university, UCAS will automatically enter you into Clearing. At this point you can contact other universities to apply through Clearing. We recommend having your UCAS personal ID number and exam results to hand.

If a university can make you an offer, they’ll usually do this by phone or email. You may receive several offers and it’s up to you which one you choose to accept. You can accept your offer through UCAS Hub.

"For me the process could not have been easier, and I am proud I made the right decision to join ARU through Clearing."
ARU student

15 August: A-level results published

A-level results are released at 8.30am on results day, 15 August 2024.

Once you've got your results, the process can vary a little bit. Read on for more information.

ARU is my firm or insurance choice
Congratulations, we'll see you in September!

You should find that your place has been confirmed on UCAS Hub.

UCAS updates twice a day, so don’t worry if you don’t see any changes straight away. In the meantime you can take a look at our guide to prepping for uni.

I got my firm choice but I’m thinking of switching to ARU, which is my insurance choice
That’s no problem, you’ll just need to contact us so we can advise you of the next steps to secure a place. Our number is 01245 686868.

ARU is my firm or insurance choice
If you’ve narrowly missed the results you needed we may still have confirmed your place with us. You can check this on your ARU applicant portal, or contact our Clearing advisers who’ll be on hand to give you some guidance. Email [email protected] or call 01245 686868.

We can discuss your options, and may also be able to offer you a place on an alternative course. There’s no obligation to accept an alternative course: the choice is yours.

I haven’t previously applied to ARU
Once you know your results, our Clearing advisers will be on hand to give you some guidance. Email [email protected] or call 01245 686868.

If we make you an offer, you’ll be able to accept your place through UCAS Hub after you get your results, and once your firm and insurance choice universities have released you.

Congratulations! If you’ve obtained better grades than needed – and exceeded the conditions of your firm choice offer – you’ll be eligible for Adjustment.

Adjustment gives you a chance to reconsider where and what to study, while still holding your confirmed place.

You can register for Adjustment through UCAS Hub.

If you register for Adjustment, but don’t find an alternative course, you'll remain placed at your original firm choice university.

If you haven't applied to university this academic year, check our list of courses with Clearing vacancies and apply online or by phone. The details you need will be on individual course pages.

As you’re applying directly to ARU, there’s no need to create a UCAS account. We’ll do that for you.

If you’d like some guidance, get in touch with our Clearing advisers. Give us a call on 01245 686868, email [email protected] or speak to us on live chat.

Great, we’d love to welcome you to ARU. From July-September you can check our list of courses with Clearing vacancies and apply online or by phone. The details you need will be on individual course pages.

Simply indicate that you're applying for admission with prior learning, and let us know which year you'd like to join (for example, Year 2).

When we're reviewing your application, we'll ask to see a transcript from your current university or college. This is a record of the modules you've studied so far and the grades you've achieved. You can apply first and send the transcript to us later.

Once your place is confirmed, it’s a good time to start making a few preparations for uni. This could include applying for student loans or accommodation. Our handy guide to preparing for student life has some pointers.

You might also like to check out our guides to Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough and Writtle.

Going to university is a big achievement, so one final bit of advice? Don’t forget to celebrate.