Science Centre

Welcome to our Science Centre, which opened its doors in 2018. At the heart of our Cambridge campus, it's a £45m investment for students and researchers in psychology, life sciences, and biomedical and forensic science.

External view of Anglia Ruskin's Science Centre

The Centre is home to a range of specialist labs and teaching spaces – some of which you can see in our image gallery below.

Alongside a 300-seat lecture theatre, there's a 200-station biosciences laboratory and a range of psychology labs.

The Centre allows us to meet increasing demand for our science courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level – and employers' need for highly trained graduates in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). It also gives our students and staff a world-class facility in which to learn, teach and carry out research. It's a hub of expertise and innovation.

Science and art in harmony

If you're visiting our Cambridge campus, it's hard to miss the Science Centre. It features a large-scale piece of public art on its south and west faces.

Designed by artist Annie Cattrell, the work is titled Transformation. It mirrors the aims of the building itself: namely, to see science in action.

The piece, formed from hundreds of small discs, appears at first to be a solid surface. Yet each disc can move independently, creating ever-changing patterns and movement.

Transformation reinforces the identity of our Science Centre as a locus of knowledge, academic excellence and creativity. The mutable surface also acts as a metaphor for the transformative nature of learning: in this case, the momentum of scientific research and its ongoing impact on the world.