Pet behaviour and canine services

At ARU in Writtle, we offer a range of specialist pet behaviour and canine services, including canine therapy and dog grooming.

Dog in a therapy session at Lordship Canine Centre

Open to the public

All these services are open to the public, by appointment, and you'll find details of how to book below.

The paddocks and training areas at our Pet Behaviour Academy are also available to professionals in the animal behaviour and training industry.

Parking is available on site.

Based on ARU's campus in Writtle, our Canine Rehabilitation Clinic provides physiotherapy and hydrotherapy clinics.

The Clinic is open to the public by appointment. It's run by university staff who are all fully qualified and insured, as well as CHA and RAMP registered.

We're part of the Lordship Canine Centre and our facilities include:

  • treadmills
  • three consultation rooms
  • a dedicated hydrotherapy room.

Please get in touch to book an appointment:

Our address is:

Cow Watering Lane
Essex CM1 3SB

In Writtle, our Dog Grooming Parlour is open to the public, and is equipped with grooming tables, a bathing area and preparatory spaces.

Please call the Parlour on 01245 422505 to book an appointment. You can also find us on Facebook, where we advertise availability:

Our address is:

Cow Watering Lane
Essex CM1 3SB

Our Pet Behaviour Academy specialises in pet behaviour and training. Through all of our services, we strive to improve animal and human welfare.

We focus on:

  • teaching pets and their owners so that they can enjoy life together
  • hosting continued professional development for professionals in the animal behaviour and training industry
  • educating the trainers and behaviourists of the future.

Find out more about our services at

Fantastic facilities

Our outdoor training paddocks can be booked by dog owners looking for a safe exercising space or somewhere quiet to practise their training.

The paddocks, as well as our indoor and outdoor training areas, are also available for hire to professionals requiring a teaching facility or looking to host animal-related workshops and events.

Qualified, assessed and regulated staff

Our behaviourists and trainers are highly qualified and experienced professionals registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) to ensure you and your pet receive the high-quality service you deserve.

ABTC recognised courses

Our degree courses and top-up modules are recognised by the ABTC, and are the perfect choice for those wanting a career in the animal training and behaviour industry.

How to contact us

Our address is:

Kings Lodge Campus
Lordship Road
Essex CM1 3RR