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Christoph Frank: Accounting and Finance

Global Director of Financial Reporting – GateGroup

Dr Christoph Frank completed his PhD at Anglia Ruskin in Accounting and Finance in 2021 and his career has developed significantly since then.

Build a network

‘I found a good and interesting job!’ Christoph says, ‘After the long and intensive studies, I was looking forward to a job again. After graduating, I also realised that there are more opportunities – be it as an expert at the Academy of Chartered Accountants or as a perceived expert in this particular field.'

"Building up a network during or even before the studies is an important aspect."

Christoph is working in Switzerland for GateGourmet, a leading aircraft catering company. When asked how he secured his current job, Christoph advocates the importance of networking. ‘It helped that I already knew some people at my current employer. So that means building up a network during or even before the studies is an important aspect.'

After building a network, Christoph says 'I then had an informal conversation with someone from the HR department at my current employer and then everything went very quickly. I think you will see relatively soon whether it is a good fit or not.'

Continue to utilise your skills

Christoph’s job at GateGroup allows him to build on many of the areas of his PhD whilst also enjoying his professional relationships with his colleagues. ‘I have a job that has many parallels to my previous studies,’ he explains, ‘be it the IFRS (International Financial and Reporting Standards) knowledge that I can use on a daily basis or also the statistical knowledge that I can use from time to time, as my thesis was very quantitative in nature. But the most important thing is that I am lucky to be working with very talented people now.'

"It's a long journey like a marathon, not a sprint."

In terms of skill development, Christoph considers that ‘after about two years, I could feel that I was already relatively deeply dived into the subject. This showed me that a certain development had taken place (eg IFRS knowledge, statistical knowledge, writing skills). I also learned from the professional discussions with experienced supervisors – but more importantly, I learned that you should not give up.'

Consider your topic

Does Christoph have any other advice for PhD students? ‘It is important to consider the topic carefully at the beginning, as it is a long road. Strict planning is also very helpful.'

These are the three key takeaways: manage your time carefully, don’t give up, and work on developing your network.

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