About us

Our vision

Our vision is improving policing through partnership in applied research.

Our values

Underpinning our vision is a set of values that inspire us in all we do:

Innovation: We will implement new methodologies, research approaches and dissemination mechanisms to address the policing challenges of today and the future.

Collaboration: To deliver the best outcomes, we will collaborate internally and externally and across different disciplines and different sectors.

Support: We will nurture our excellent researchers and make sure they have the time, space and resources to develop their careers.

Passion: We want to make a difference and will enjoy our work and celebrate our achievements. We will pursue knowledge and understanding and foster creativity.

Impact: We will be outcome focused and committed to the translation of knowledge into practice and policy.

Integrity: We will deal ethically, honestly, and consistently with all those we engage with and will maintain strict standards of scientific and professional rigour.

Excellence: We will deliver world leading and excellent outputs with international impact.

Our strategy

Our 2022-2026 strategy is coming soon. 

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Introducing PIER

Nick Alston and Professor Sam Lundrigan talk about PIER's work with police forces in the region