Shyanne Roeloffs

PhD Researcher
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Psychology and Sport Science

[email protected]


Thesis title

Revisiting Perceived Hunger; An Examination of Lived Experiences and Research Practices.

Summary of research

Shyanne’s PhD work focused on examining the conflict between the concept of hunger as a regulatory energy balancing process and the more multi-dimensional view incorporating broader cognitive influences. Methods used to assess hunger and influences mediating its fluctuations were identified across the literature, and the impact learned behaviour and beliefs have on common daily experiences of hunger was investigated. These results were used to develop a novel measure assessing attitudinal variations toward hunger and fullness sensations in the UK population.

Shyanne is a member of our Applied Social Change research hub which forms part of our ARU Centre for Societies and Groups.

Supervisory team

Dr Suzanna Forwood

Prof Viren Swami

Dr Flavia Cardini

Prof Daragh McDermott

Recent presentations and conferences

British Feeding and Drinking Group (BFDG) 2023, poster presentation at University of Leeds, 13-14 April.

Anglia Ruskin University 17th Annual PGR Conference 2023, oral presentation, 5 July.

Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB) 2023, poster presentation at the Hilton Portland Hotel, 11-15 July.

Anglia Ruskin University Faculty Research Conference 2023, July 14, poster display.