Karina Harding

Lecturer, Children's Nursing
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Social Care
School of Nursing
Areas of Expertise:
Nursing and midwifery

Karina Harding has eight years of clinical experience within paediatric intensive care, general surgery/urology and discharge planning, and a keen interest in mental health and support for nurses.

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Karina started her training in 2010 as a paediatric nurse and commenced her first nursing job at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. In the first year of Karina’s early career, she worked within paediatric general surgery and urology before transferring to paediatric intensive care.

Karina has a passion for the paediatric intensive care environment and enjoys the extensive challenges this area brings. Through continued professional development, Karina completed the local paediatric intensive care course and a Master’s degree, with the additional responsibilities of a Senior Staff Nurse and Practice Facilitator. Karina also undertook an innovative secondment which developed the patient discharge and flow within two North London Hospital Trusts.

Through the pandemic, Karina worked largely with Covid positive paediatric intensive care patients and took on additional shifts at a nearby adult intensive care unit in London.

For Master’s degree, Karina focussed on the disenfranchised grief of paediatric intensive care nurses and correlations to staff sickness and attrition. Karina endeavours to continue to explore the psychological aspects of nursing in the paediatric intensive care unit and best practice for supporting paediatric nurses and nursing teams.

Research interests
  • Paediatric intensive care
  • Disenfranchised grief, post-traumatic stress and emotional exhaustion of children’s nurses
  • Innovation of supporting nurses’ wellbeing
  • Innovation in teaching children’s nurses
  • Expediting hospital processes

Pre-registration children's nursing courses.