Grace Gladys Famoriyo JP

PhD Researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Business and Law

School:Economics, Finance and Law

Location: Cambridge

Grace is a postgraduate researcher (PhD Law) currently studying digital exclusion's effects on prisoners' rehabilitation and resettlement on black female prisoners.

Grace is an award-winning author, coach and speaker recognised for her work spanning nearly 30 years in the training, developing and mentoring of minoritised women.

Grace is also a serving magistrate.

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Grace has many years of international consulting experience, including a high-profile UK government project. She has worked with Fortune 100/500 companies (UK/USA), public and third-sector organisations. Her expertise is in leadership/management development, learning & development, IT systems development, marketing, publishing and project management.

Grace founded GraGla Solutions, a new, innovative EdTech and DigitalTech consultancy. The justice division focuses on developing and delivering digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills training for correctional establishments.

Grace is an award-winning coach, international speaker and author with over 25 years of transforming women's lives. For over 20 years, Grace has had countless articles published in international magazines as a columnist. She has been featured on TV and radio internationally.

Grace also founded Monetise Your Expertise, consisting of an academy, digital agency and publisher. The goal is to help minoritised women overcome the challenges of digital inclusion and financial inequalities.

For many years, Grace has been helping women who felt marginalised harness the immense economic opportunities in the publishing and digital space. Her women's academy has developed and published numerous courses and digital resources.

Grace is an avid writer and passionate about emotional and mental wellbeing. Her books include bestsellers Overcoming Emotional Baggage, Bounce Back, Healing a Discouraged Heart, and Quit Hiding Start Living. Grace also runs a writing/publishing consultancy for women, offering book coaching, developmental editing, training and publishing services.

Grace is also behind several philanthropic projects, such as the Bounce Back project and the Monetise Your Expertise Bootcamp – both launched during lockdown. She additionally launched the Overcoming Emotional Baggage Women’s Community after publishing her book, Overcoming Emotional Baggage.

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • Yoruba

Research interests

Grace is looking for collaborators looking to conduct research or publish in the following research areas:

  • The experiences of justice-impacted minoritised women in the criminal justice system.
  • Factors promoting criminogenic tendencies of Black female offenders.
  • Impediments to access to justice for minoritised women in the criminal justice system.
  • New approaches to sentencing, rehabilitating and reintegrating women in the criminal justice system, especially minoritised groups.
  • The effects of digital exclusion of prisoner education, employment and rehabilitation.
  • The application and problems arising from penal legislations, policies and practices.
  • Pedagogic learning platforms for prisons of the future.
  • Digital literacy and skills frameworks, competency models and education for the digitally excluded in society.
  • Female ex-offender education and employment after prison/probation.
  • Online learning and digital access for digitally excluded ex-prisoners.
  • New approaches/models for skills training and employment for ex-offenders.
  • The role of technology in women's prison estates.


  • BSc in Biochemistry, Greenwich University
  • MSc in Information Systems Design, University of Westminster
  • MA in Publishing, Anglia Ruskin University
  • Charted Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) Certificate in Training Practice, Milton Keynes College
  • Coach Training Programme, Coach University
  • City & Guilds: Further and Adult Education Teaching Certificate, Milton Keynes College
  • Theology & Biblical Studies, CiC International
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing, HootSuite
  • TV presentation skills and media training, TV Academy
  • Proofreading, Society for Editors and Proofreaders

Memberships, editorial boards

Member, Social-Legal Studies Association

Selected recent publications

Famoriyo, G. (2023) ‘Effects of Unequal Treatments and Hidden Punishments Of Black Female Prisoners In The UK’, Trinity College Dublin Law Student Colloquium, Dublin (UK), 17 July 2023.

Famoriyo, G. (2023) ‘Effects of Digital Exclusion in Prisons: Improving Rehabilitation and Reoffending Outcomes in UK Prisons’, Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Ulster (UK), 4-6 April 2023.

Famoriyo, G. (2023) ‘Hidden Punishments of Black Female Prisoners in the UK’, Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Ulster (UK), 4-6 April 2023.

Famoriyo, G. (2023) ‘Black Female Prisoner’s Lives Matter: Redefining Black Female Prisoners' Reintegration With A Digital Twist’, International Correction And Prisons Association International Correctional Research Symposium, Porto (Portugal), 27-30 March 2023.