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Prof Gillian Janes

Professor in Nursing and Quality Improvement
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Social Care
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Research Supervision:

Based on many years of clinical and academic practice, Gillian works with individuals, teams and organisations using research and knowledge exchange to improve health outcomes by enhancing the quality and safety of healthcare and developing a capable, engaged workforce. She uses a participatory, human factors-informed and systems-based approach.

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Gillian is a Registered General Nurse with clinical experience in acute, primary care and public health practice.

She entered Higher Education initially as a Lecturer/Practitioner and has received awards for leading innovative teaching, curriculum development and policy development, including during nine years as Principal Lecturer/Reader (Leadership and Service Improvement in Health and Social Care) and four years as a University-wide Learning and Teaching Consultant with responsibility for quality enhancement, quality assurance and academic staff development.

Gillian has worked nationally and internationally, including as a Global Nursing Leadership Institute Scholar (International Council of Nurses), specialising most recently in patient safety, human factors, and workforce research, practice and policy development.

Gillian is particularly interested in developing practice-based evidence, clinical academics and applied research. She adopts action-focused, participatory methods with a focus on learning from excellence wherever possible.

Current projects include enhancing the nursing and midwifery role in leading digital transformation, de-implementation, long covid, and system leadership in nursing.

Areas of expertise:

  • Quality improvement
  • Patient safety
  • Applied research
  • Clinical academics
  • Human factors
Research interests
  • Applied research
  • Quality improvement
  • Patient safety
  • Silences research
  • Clinical academics
  • Clinical leadership
  • Health and care workforce
Areas of research supervision

Gillian is an experienced supervisor and examiner in:

  • Quality improvement
  • Patient safety
  • Human Factors
  • Healthcare workforce
  • Silences research
  • Clinical leadership
Recent PhD completions:

Abi Akintola: The role of the embedded research in co-producing public health knowledge in non-clinical settings to bridge the gap between research evidence and its implementation in public health practice.

Daisy Halligan: In the name of safety: identifying and letting go of low value safety practices.

Current PhD supervision:

Caitlin Wilson: Enhancing feedback for ambulance service staff to promote workforce wellbeing and patient safety.

Faloke Veronica Towoju: Exploring the role of socio-economic/cultural factors on the increase in the prevalence of vesicovaginal fistula in Northern Nigeria.

Vinice Thomas: Integrity within System Level Nurse Leadership in the NHS


Gillian is a highly experienced educator, programme and module leader at all academic levels. She currently primarily teaches Masters courses and topics including service improvement, leading change, human factors and applied research.

  • PhD, Nursing Social Science, University of Wolverhampton
  • MA Advancing Practice in Health and Social Care, Teesside University
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching Higher Education, Teesside University
  • Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • Specialist Practitioner, Practice Nursing (ENB A51) ENB/University of York
  • Practice Educator/Lecturer, Nursing & Midwifery Council
  • Registered General Nurse, Nursing & Midwifery Council
  • Global Nursing Leadership Scholar, International Council of Nurses
  • Accredited 3600 Feedback Facilitator, NHS Leadership Academy
  • Licensed Practitioner (Steps I & II) Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator, OPP
Memberships, editorial boards
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Patient Safety
  • Honorary Associate Professor, Macquarie University, Australia
  • Trustee, Clinical Human Factors Group www.chfg.org
  • Co-Convenor, GNLI Euro Alumni Network, International Council of Nurses
  • Member, Royal College of Nursing
Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

2022 PI Nursing and Midwifery contribution to Digital Health. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. 20,000 Euro

2022 PI Exploratory evaluation study of the perceived effectiveness and usability of a co-produced, prototype Long-Covid Shared Consultation Guide for Nurses. NHS England. £10,000

2022 PI What good looks like: Regional qualitative synthesis of midwifery students’ learning experience. Health Education England. £10,000

2021 PI An international exploration of blended learning use in pre-registration nursing and midwifery education. Health Education England. £19,958

2019 CI An exploration of paramedics’ feedback needs, evaluation of current provision and development and testing of a feedback intervention to improve patient safety by enhancing paramedic engagement and well-being. NIHR PhD Studentship. Circa £60,000

2019 CI In the name of safety: Identifying, understanding and stopping low-value safety practices. THIS.Institute PhD Studentship. Circa £60,000

2019 CI Co-design and feasibility testing of a safety-netting intervention in General Practice to support the earlier diagnosis of cancer. Vale of York CCG. £60,000

2018 PI Enhancing workforce engagement, well-being and patient safety in ambulance services: A mixed-methods exploratory and interventional study. NIHR/YHPSTRC. Circa £20,000

2018 CI Preparing healthcare professionals for involvement in stressful healthcare events: A mixed-methods evaluation of a resilience training intervention. NIHR/YHPSTRC. Circa £60,000

2018 PI The association between healthcare staff engagement and patient safety outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.  NIHR/YHPSTRC. Circa £60,000

2016 PI A gap analysis of Human Factors activity within South Tees NHS Foundation Trust. South Tees NHS Foundation Trust. £6,000

2016 PI A multi-stakeholder evaluation of the MA Advancing Quality Safety and Governance in Health and Social Care and constituent programmes. Teesside University. £5,000

2011 CI Open Learning Units: Designing open learning resources for the HE sector across 5 workstreams - Distance Learning, UKPSF/HEA Professional Recognition, Employability, Digital Literacy, Internationalisation. Heath Education Academy/Joint Information Systems Committee. £40,000

2013 PI A process and impact evaluation of a student conference: My contribution to practice. Teesside University. £6000

2013 CI Transforming Assessment. Higher Education Academy. £8,000

2006 PI National Consultancy (Service Improvement curriculum development and roll-out) and local Programme Evaluation Study. NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement. £15,000

2005 PI Developing Skills for Integrated Service Improvement. (National Service Improvement curriculum development and implementation pilot).  NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement/DoH. £20,000

Selected recent publications

Wilson C, Janes G, Lawton R, Benn J. (2023) The types and effects of feedback for emergency ambulance staff: a systematic mixed studies review and meta-analysis. BMJ Qual Saf Epub ahead of print. doi:10.1136/ bmjqs-2022-015634

Harrison R, Janes G (2023) Integrating the sciences of improvement, implementation and managing change in nursing practice. J Clin Nurs. 32: e19-e21 http://doi.org/10.1111/jocn.16605

Janes G, (2023) Regional synthesis of North-East and Yorkshire national midwifery quality review data. Research report. Health Education England

Janes G, Ekpenyong M, Mbeah-Bankas H, Serrant L (2023) An international exploration of blended learning use in pre-registration nursing and midwifery education. Nurse Ed in Practice. 66 103514

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Phillips N, Heaslip V, Janes G, Reid J, Ludemann B, Oxholm R, Gentil J, Shannon M), Langins M, Hamilton C, Bjoro K (2022) ICN Statement in support of the regional digital health action plan for the WHO European Region 2023–20 WHO Europe Regional Committee RC72. Tel Aviv.

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Janes G., Harrison R., Johnson J., Simms-Ellis R., Mills T., Lawton R., (2021) Multiple meanings of resilience: Health professionals' experiences of a dual element training intervention designed to help them prepare for coping with error. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. 1-9 http://doi.org/10.1111/jep.13555

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Recent presentations and conferences

Janes G (2023) Enhancing the Nursing and Midwifery   contribution to Digital Health: Developing policy through European collaboration. RCSI International Nursing and Midwifery Research and Education Conference, Dublin. Keynote presentation and expert panel member.

Reid J, Heaslip V, Janes G, Shannon M Phillips N, Lűdemann B, Oxenholm RA, Gentil J. (2023) Improving Health Outcomes through Policy Leadership: Key Outcomes and Lessons Learnt from the Global Nursing Leadership Institute™ WHO Regional Projects, International Council of Nurses (ICN) Congress, Montreal. Invited symposium.

Budworth L, Atkinson L, Harrison R. (2021) Can we prepare healthcare professionals for involvement in adverse events? Feasibility study of a resilience training intervention. 37th International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) Virtual Conference

Wilson C, Janes G, Lawton R, Benn J. (2020) Systematic Review of feedback initiatives for paramedics. College of Paramedics National Annual Research Conference

Janes G, Chesterton L (2003) Invited presentation: Nursing and Midwifery contribution to Digital Health: Evidence-based policy development. RCSI Annual Charter Meeting, Dublin

Heaslip V, Reid J, Janes G, Shannon M Phillips N, Lűdemann B, Oxenholm RA, Gentil J. (2023) How nurses and midwives need to be part of the conversation. Florence Nightingale Foundation. Invited webinar co-lead.

Reid J, Heaslip V, Janes G, Shankas H. (2022) The role of blended learning in preparing students for initial professional registration: An international, Cross-sectional, Sequential Mixed Methods study. RCN Education Conference (virtual)

Johnson J, Simms-Ellis R, Janes G, Mills T, Janes G, Elborough-Whitannon M Phillips N, Lűdemann B, Oxenholm RA, Gentil J; (2023) Optimizing nursing and midwifery in the digital space: perspectives from the ICN GNLI Euro working group. ICN Congress. Montreal.

Janes G, Ekpenyong M, Serrant L, Mbeah-Behouse I, Simms-Ellis R, Johnson J, Marran J, Lawton R. (2020) Supporting doctors in the aftermath of error: a new evidence based resource. WellMed4, Halkidiki, Greece.