Claudine Wetherall

Director of Practice
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Social Care
School of Allied Health and Social Care
Areas of Expertise:
Allied and public health

A registered nurse with a background in acute and community nursing, Claudine has a keen interest in practice learning and how individuals are socialised in to the health care professions.

Email: [email protected]


Claudine has been involved in a number of projects exploring new ways of supporting students in clinical placements and has co developed a new framework for practice learning in nursing which is being introduced in health care organisations in Essex and Cambridgeshire.

Having started her nursing career in A&E, Claudine then moved on to work in the community. This developed her interest in the support of learners in practice settings and the processes by which students develop in to health care professionals. Claudine is passionate about the need to support those that are involved in facilitating learning and assessment in clinical environments. In her current role, Claudine works in partnership with a range of stakeholders and professional groups to ensure that students in the Faculty have quality practice learning experiences.

Research interests
  • Practice learning
  • Professional socialisation
  • BA (Hons) Sociology (Warwick)
  • DIPHE (Registered Nurse)
  • PG Cert Ed
  • PG Diploma
  • MA (Learning and Teaching)ARU
  • NMC Teacher
Selected recent publications

Wetherall, C., 2012. Editorial: call yourself a nurse? Time to get precious. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2012, 21(19-20), pp2809-11.

Wetherall, C., 2013. Protect the 'nurse' title to boost the status of the profession". Nursing Times, 109(24), pp7.

Turnbull, P., Francis Wright, M., Wetherall, C. and Corrin, A., 2014. Exploration of the influences on developing and maintaining a successful mentorship process: An investigation of mentorship from multiple perspectives. Report for Health Education East of England

Turnbull, P. and Wetherall, C., 2015. The Enhanced Practice Support Framework. Report on the findings of a pilot study. Report for Health Education England.

Wetherall, C., 2015. Practice learning is everyone's responsibility. Nursing Times.

Recent presentations and conferences

Turnbull, P. and Wetherall, C., 2015. Valuing mentors and supporting students. A new framework for Practice learning. RCN National Education Conference.

Wetherall, C. and Turnbull, P., 2016. Reshaping practice learning in nursing: The Enhanced Practice Support Framework. Core paper at NET Conference. Cambridge.

Turnbull, P. and Wetherall, C., 2016. Peer Coaching in the workplace. Presentation for Anglia Learning and teaching seminar.