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Allwell Agwu Okoro

A man stands against a brown background and has his left arm leaning on an orange chair and his other hand in his pocket. He wears a check shirt and chinos and smiles for the camera.

Allwell Agwu Okoro

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering 2016

1. Tell us about yourself
Hi, I’m Allwell. I love technology. Particularly science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) topics. The ability to solve problems globally with technology amazes me. Coming to ARU, I wanted to study Mechanical Engineering because I wanted to learn how to build stuff. The concept of conceiving an idea and manipulating the right tools to create and manifest that idea into something tangible that people around you can interact with fascinated me. Aeroplanes, trains (particularly Maglev Trains), jet-fighter planes, cars. Especially cars. I remember, as a kid, watching sci-fi movies in the early 2000s, seeing flying cars and wondering how they were built. I wondered why I only saw them in movies and not in real life. As I grew older, I understood they hadn’t been built yet. I understood fiction. Then I set out to build one myself. That fascination for the use of STEM subjects to solve problems still drives me today as I direct my focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

2. What is your fondest memory of Anglia Ruskin University?
Oh wow, it's tough to pinpoint one fondest memory. I have a lot of good memories from ARU but I’ll share a few. When I first arrived at ARU, as a young lad from Nigeria, I was underage and couldn’t live on my own so I stayed with homestead parents, Paul and Sarah Beale, who I'll never forget. We lived in Histon, Cambridge, and it was an experience that helped me to acclimatise to British culture fast.

Another was being part of a Christian club/society at both the Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses. We had outings that I still remember now and I made lifelong friends there.

Lastly, I and my friend, Humphrey, created and managed a Student’s Union’ dance club. We called it RuskinHouse. I still have pictures and videos from our choreographies, stage performances, try-outs, and outings.

3. What has been your favourite job?
Generally speaking, I’d say, working in tech. Specifically, it’d be my current role, Tech Lead, IT & Digital Marketing for an international travel company in Lagos, Nigeria.

4. In one word, how would you describe Anglia Ruskin University?

5. How did your time at ARU help you?
ARU helped me grow as a man, learn how to be independent and gave me the platforms to express myself, make good friends and lasting memories. Most importantly, ARU provided me with the tools I needed to excel in the modern world. Our world today is technologically driven, and coming from where I did (Nigeria), ARU equipped me with the tech and people skills I needed to move successfully in today’s dynamic world.

6. What did you love about your chosen course?
Wow, where do I begin? I loved everything. Everything from Mathematics to Applied Software to Thermodynamics. We once had an excursion to the TATA Motors factory where I saw designs for the new Range Rover as well as other new models that hadn’t been seen by the public market. It was surreal.

7. What advice would you give to current students as they’re preparing to graduate?
Make good friends, try to stay in contact with them even after you graduate, and take life head on. Don’t walk too calmly or timidly through life, especially while you’re young. Everyday, rave about it, be grateful for it, ask about it, learn of it. So much good in life awaits you when you take your time to understand it. Most of all, be happy. I wish you all the very best of life.

8. What do you know now that you wish you had known whilst studying?
Be brave, it will help you meet more people, particularly those from different cultures. Also, have fun, but don't get too distracted from achieving your goals.

9. Who was the biggest influence on your career?
Two people: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Elon Musk.

10. What advice would you give your younger self?
Get out of your comfort zone more.

11. Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.
I’m a huge Naruto (Anime) fan and I love to dance... or at least I used to - I haven't danced lately as I'm too busy these days!

12. What’s next?
Though I studied and graduated with honours in Mechanical Engineering, shortly before leaving, I wanted to go in for a second degree in Software Engineering. I learned during my studies that the world can be impacted quicker and to its grassroots with software compared to hardware and so now, I’m a budding Software Engineer with a keen eye for AI.

I have a global outlook on life. As they say, it’s a small world, and I intend to make my impact, using the skills and knowledge I’ve gained through my time at ARU and beyond.