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Internships at the GSI

The EfS 2017 summer interns

June/July 2019

Eline Veening, BA Illustration (placement student)
Eline worked with the GSI to create a series of illustrations for this year's edition of So What magazine. She also designed an eye-catching set of posters that are being used to advertise a series of extra-curricular sustainability workshops.

Lucy Hung, BA Illustration (placement student)
Lucy worked with the GSI to design a set of Sustainable Development Goal illustrations, a couple of which can be seen on our webpages. The illustrations link to some of the research and work that ARU is doing to tackle the Goals.

Louise Pam (volunteer)
Louise spent a month working with the GSI editing and proofreading articles for this year's So What magazine. She also created a short video using footage of the Orchard project that students in the Sustainability Society ran in 2019.

June/July 2018

Sarah Clark, MSc Sustainability
Sarah spent six weeks over the summer supporting the Education for Sustainability team to conduct research into how we might create a sustainability module open to all students at ARU. Alongside this, Sarah also supported the EfS team to research ideas that could be used to embed sustainability across all of our courses through the active curriculum.

Cecelia Wood, BA Design and Illustration
Cecelia spent six weeks at the GSI, using her degree level skills to support us in the creation of a sustainability welcome pack aimed at informing incoming students of the work that ARU is doing to integrate sustainability across all aspects of the university. Cecelia also supported the EfS coordinator to run two workshops with students at Hills Road Sixth Form, encouraging them to reflect on sustainability at a personal level, and at a wider systems level.

September–December 2017

Hollie Hawkins, Law LLB (Hons) (Year 2)
Hollie's work at the GSI involved supporting the Education for Sustainability team in the organisation of our 'Young Change Makers' event, and creating a glossary of terms for the Debating Nature's Value network.  

June/July 2017

Farah Iqbal, MA Children's Book Illustration
Farah joined the EfS team for six weeks to support on updating our list of resources highlighting how all courses can be linked to sustainability. As well as learning about the breadth of sustainability, her work also involved mapping each of the resources against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Farah also led on the design of a series of innovative case studies showcasing the excellent work of staff and students at ARU who are providing sustainability related opportunities for students.

Reed McFarland, Law LLB (Hons) (Year 2)
Reed, a second year law student with a background in web design, spent six weeks at the GSI to assist us in updating the University’s sustainability webpages. This involved researching and pulling together strands from our sustainability review and strategy, and familiarising himself with the sustainability work happening across the university more generally.

June/July 2016

Sammi Whitaker, Former SU President

As former SU President, Sammi's in-depth knowledge of the sustainability initiatives already taking place across the University made her the ideal candidate for the role of designing and creating our first ever Sustainability Review. Emphasising our Whole Institution Approach to sustainability, the review features case studies from our campus, curriculum, community, culture and research. Download the full report.