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Roundtable on 2024 elections: democracy and inclusion

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Four people working together, one writing on and sticking footnotes to a glass meeting room wall

Roundtable on 2024 elections: democracy and inclusion

There will be more than 70 elections in 2024 in countries that are home to around 4.2bn people—for the first time, more than half of the global population. But while there is more voting than ever, there is not necessarily more democracy. The year looks set to test even the most robust democracies and to strengthen the hands of leaders with authoritarian leanings.

From Russia, Taiwan and the United Kingdom to India, El Salvador and South Africa, the presidential and legislative contests have huge implications for human rights, international relations and prospects for peace in a volatile world.

In some countries, the balloting will be neither free nor fair. And in many, curbs on opposition candidates, weary electorates and the potential for manipulation and disinformation have made the fate of democracy a front-and-center campaign issue.

In this roundtable we want to discuss the 2024 electoral panorama and the risks regarding democracy, access to justice, inclusion and human rights and share actionable insights to inform about 2024 elections plans and strategies.


Prof Angus Nurse, CAJI, ARU
Darren Hughes, Chief Executive Electoral Reform Society
Prof Margaret Greenfields, Professor of Social Policy, ARU


Centre for Access to Justice and Inclusion, Anglia Ruskin University
Centre for Governance and Human Rights, Cambridge University

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