Building Community Wealth in Difficult Economic Times

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Graphic block illustration, representing houses and buildings on a grid system

Councillor Matthew Brown is Leader of Preston City Council in the north of England, where he has been widely credited as one of the driving forces behind the ‘Preston model’, an economic strategy at the city and county level that presents a comprehensive, interlinked approach to community wealth building as a practical and transformative alternative to austerity and disinvestment.

Since 2018, Matthew has been appointed Senior Fellow for the Promotion of Community Wealth Building with The Democracy Collaborative advising numerous localities and institutions on wealth building strategies and will delivering the lecture on behalf of The Democracy Collaborative.

The ideas Matthew and colleagues have promoted has received widespread attention including from John McDonnell MP, Ed Miliband MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Kate Raworth, Professor Richard Wilkinson, and Phil Thompson former Deputy Mayor of New York City. In times of multiple crisis, the hope Community Wealth Building offers means the lecture is a must.

Book via Eventbrite