ARU Hoarding Conference: Understanding Hoarding Disorder: supporting those living with the condition

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Random objects on living room floor

Whether you struggle with hoarding, are affected by hoarding, or are a service provider who addresses hoarding as part of your role, you're invited to find out more about the condition and the latest support strategies at our one-day Hoarding Conference in Cambridge.

Hoarding disorder is a mental health condition affecting 2.5% of the population. Hoarding involves clutter in the home environment taking up active living spaces as well as excessive acquisition and difficulty discarding possessions.

A wide array of service providers can be involved in supporting those who hoard, raising unique challenges for the individuals, their families and service providers.

We invite all interested stakeholders, including individuals who struggle with, or have family members affected by hoarding, as well as service providers who might interact with those affected by hoarding. Please join us for an afternoon aimed at increasing awareness of the different voices to ultimately provide better support for all.

1-2 pm: Professor Nick Neave will deliver a talk about the Hoarding Research Group at Northumbria University and the North East Hoarding Partnership.

2-3 pm: Refreshments, relationship building and interactive art activities facilitated by Inbal Leitner.

3-4 pm: Expert panel discussion and Q&A: how to provide better support for individuals, their families and service providers.

This event will take place in LAB026 in the Lord Ashcroft Building on our Cambridge campus.

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