Live Brief case study: Slow Theatre

ARU Online Journalism students

ARU students from the BA Online Journalism course participated in a Live Brief with Slow Theatre Company and the Wikipedia WikiProject Women in Red.

The brief:

Students contributed to the Women in Red Wiki project in partnership with Slow Theatre Company by producing a series of Wiki articles increasing awareness of the under-representation of women on Wikipedia.

ARU Course Leader Dr Sarah Gibson Yates described the Live Brief:

“Students had to choose a woman who was not already on Wikipedia, research her biography and write and publish a biographical entry live on Wikipedia. In this way, students changed this woman’s status in Wikipedia from red (no page entry) to blue.

“We all felt proud of the work that was produced and some of the student’s entries were particularly well received online, giving the students a boost of confidence and uptick in their skills and real-world media writing/journalism experience.”

How the Live Brief benefited Slow Theatre:

Students researched, wrote and published new biographical entries for a number of women who weren’t previously represented on Wikipedia, but who have achieved significant success and made valuable contributions to society across a wide range of fields.

Here are some examples of the new Wikipedia entries created by ARU students about these notable women: