Live Brief case study: Neurogether and ARU Business students

ARU Business undergraduate students taking the second-year module The Entrepreneurial Journey participated in a Live Brief with early-stage start-up company Neurogether, a new global social networking platform that aims to bring together people interested in neuroscience and related fields.

The brief: A strategy for sustainable growth

Neurogether asked the students to develop a strategy supporting Neurogether's planned transition from the pre-revenue to the revenue stage of business, rethinking and reinforcing the business model and marketing strategies to support quick, sustainable, and scalable growth of the company.

In response to the Live Brief, students devised and pitched a range of strategies for achieving various lead generation and brand awareness targets set by Neurogether.

The targets included specific increases in the numbers of users of Neurogether’s digital channels (website, app and social media) and in-person attendees at Neurogether’s annual conference, and acquisition of specific new user profile types.

Neurogether founder and CEO, Utkarsh Gupta, describes his Live Brief experience: 

“The Live Brief was an amazing experience from my perspective as an entrepreneur leading an early-stage start-up, because I got to brainstorm ideas with students who were so capable that for me, the experience was more like working with fellow entrepreneurs."

“It was a very valuable session, from which I’ve learned and gained so much that I can implement."

“I think Live Briefs are an absolutely amazing opportunity for other organisations to come on board and have this experience of brainstorming brilliant ideas with the students here at ARU.”  

Hear Utkarsh Gupta, CEO and Founder, Neurogether describe the Live Brief:

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Utkarsh Gupta, CEO and Founder, Neurogether