Live Brief case study: Intergence and ARU Computer Science students

ARU students studying a range of courses related to computing, software engineering and cyber-security participated in a Live Brief with digital technology consultancy company Intergence.

The brief: Internet of Things and digital systems to support recruitment

Intergence provided two project descriptions, from which the students worked as a team to design a software-based solution for their chosen project:

  1. Internet of Things (IOT): Intergence asked students to design IOT location reference data collection elements, and consider options for how these should be captured.
  2. Recruitment system: Students were asked to design a recruitment support system in which potential candidates could be pre-screened on a series of questions.

How the Live Brief benefited Intergence

Anthony Osborn, Intergence Product Manager, explained: “It was really great working with the students and to see their enthusiasm. They questioned things in ways that we hadn’t thought about – probably something to do with having 50 bright minds around a new problem!”

“You never get that in your work environment normally.  It was fantastic to see the range of different solutions they had to the problems we wanted to solve, and it was a really good two-way benefit.” 

Peter Job, Intergence CEO and founder, added: “We got a lot out of it and the students were really engaged with the process.  We’d certainly be interested in doing another Live Brief.” 

Hear Intergence CEO Peter Job and Product Manager Anthony Osborn talk about their Live Brief experience:

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Peter Job, Intergence CEO and founder and Anthony Osborn, Intergence Product Manager