Live Brief case study: BAE Systems and ARU Mechanical Engineering students

Multinational defence, security and aerospace company BAE Systems worked with ARU Mechanical Engineering students on a brief to re-engineer a small drone to new specifications. 

Students worked in groups to develop detailed designs, taking into consideration factors including cost, weight limits, strength, rigidity, modularity and ease of maintenance, appropriate materials and manufacturing processes, and ability of the drone to function in a range of operating environments.

Each student group presented their analysis and design process and results, and also produced a 3D prototype version of their design. 

Moh Akhmad, Principal Scientist with BAE Systems, attended the presentation session to evaluate the design proposals and provide full feedback to the student groups on their work.

Moh described how the Live Brief has benefited BAE Systems. He told us:

“It's very interesting to see the kind of refreshing innovation that the students have provided, and the different directions that they've taken the technology.”

Hear from Moh and some of our students about their Live Brief experience: