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Why I chose Nursing Associate


Faculty: Health, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Course: Nursing Associate Higher Apprenticeship FdSc
Category: Nursing and midwifery

20 May 2021

I currently work with the community nursing team as an HCA. The job involves supporting the nurses to provide care to our community patients. I work clinically with the patients and have attended various extended courses in wound care, skin care, medicine management and diabetic care. I apply fundamental catheter care, wound care (following a formulary) and diabetic management to support the patients. These roles are extended roles for a Healthcare Assistant band 3 and I work autonomously under the direction of a registered nurse.

I chose to apply for the nursing associate course so that I could progress further within my role, acquire ownership to the care I apply and become involved in coaching to share my skills with colleagues. The course provides me with essential knowledge in the pathophysiology of conditions and is helping me to understand how to apply care safely with knowledge and understanding. I am really enjoying acquiring new knowledge and applying this with my current skillset. I am one of the older students on the course, but that is what I love about training as a Nursing Associate, the diversity of age and skill set enhances the learning even further. The youngest student on the course is 18 years old through to students in their 50s. We all integrate well together and can support each other with our experience and knowledge. The younger students are great for IT support bringing energy and innovation to the course and the older students have life experience to share. I would highly recommend this course for career progression, enrichment of knowledge along with new friendships that may be made during the journey. As I approach the final six months I can look back on the journey and appreciate how much I have grown and transformed professionally.


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