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6 February 2023

After the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us have heard about public health. But as always, there are still a lot of uncertainties about what public health is, and even more uncertainties come when you ask yourself: what can you do with this degree? Let's try to figure it out together! Read more…

5 January 2023

My name is Charles Nwachukwu, a PG student of Public Health and Community Wellbeing from Nigeria and this is my SHOKE story. Read more…

8 November 2022

My name is Charles Nwachukwu, an MSc student of Public Health and Community Wellbeing at ARU on the Chelmsford campus. Coming from Nigeria, I had no idea what to expect studying in UK would feel like but so far, the experience has been amazing… Read more…

18 October 2022

Mathuza, BSc (Hons) Medical Science student, writes about her Live Brief experience from the challenges to the real highs… Read more…

30 August 2022

The skills labs at ARU have been so helpful in giving us students the opportunity to practice essential skills before having to practice in placement. Read more…

9 May 2022

Every April we celebrate World Immunization Week. Vaccines have been in the news a lot recently, but they have a long history which I've been learning about as a Public Health student. Here's a brief overview. Read more…

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