My Experience as an Accounting and Finance Student

Lucia Krissakova

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Economics, Finance and Law
Course: BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance
Category: Finance

12 June 2024

Being an Accounting and Finance student at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) opened doors to opportunities for me. Initially, I struggled to secure a professional accounting job with only part-time courses under my belt. After discovering an agency that specialises in helping students get into universities abroad, I acted quickly and, with their help, got into ARU.

What I Learnt and Discovered

After three years at the university studying for my Bachelor’s degree, I finally found my dream job as a Finance Intern at CNH Industrial. This company, like many others, has a close relationship with ARU, actively participating in university events to promote their placements, internships, and graduate roles, making it easier to find the desired role.

Lucia Krissakova at The Future Festival

ARU hosts jobs and placements fairs to match students with employers. The Future Festival is a two-week programme designed to help students improve their employability skills and learn more about jobs in their industry. Other events, such as Graduate Futures and sector fairs, are also available to give students a closer chance of finding a job.

The Employability Services assisted me and other students with building our CVs and application forms. They helped me tailor my cover letter every time I approached them over the three years, and thanks to their support, I achieved my goal. Part of the employability services is also the Enterprise Academy, which helps students become entrepreneurs or freelancers. Their expertise and partnerships with successful entrepreneurs and legal firms are there to assist students who wish to become their bosses. I also took this opportunity and participate in the Freelancing programme as well as the Freelancer Fast-Start programme to learn how to work for myself and how to set up my own business. I am on my way to becoming a Freelance Accountant as a side hustle.

What I Wish I Knew Before

1. Opportunities for Work Experience: I wish I had known earlier that going to university would give me the chance to work in my sector as well as start my own business. After years of trying, ARU made everything possible for me. ARU Temps is a campus recruitment agency that provides students with part-time flexible work, such as Student Ambassador, Employability Activator, Digital Student Ambassador, and many other roles.

Lucia Krissakova's photo of a sunset over a lake

The recent merger with ARU Writtle, located in the beautiful countryside, also offers amazing job opportunities for those interested in working with animals and nature. Apart from work experience, it is a great touch with nature and worth visiting the 150-hectare campus.

2. Employability Services: If you only knew about LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job boards, I have something exclusive to tell you! As a student at ARU, you will be eligible for a Handshake account where you can search for jobs, internship opportunities, and summer camps and also attend events to help boost your employability. And even better news, you can keep using your Handshake account after you graduate, as an alumnus.

Useful Tips for Prospective Students

1. Take Advantage of Optional Modules: The Accounting and Finance course didn’t only prepare me for roles in this field. The first year of study gave me basic business knowledge, which is an important base for business roles, law jobs, banking jobs, and other roles. Apart from compulsory modules, you can study optional modules, which are great for expanding your skills. Learning Microsoft Office, how to trade on Bloomberg, how to do accounting in Sage accounting software, social media marketing, and other modules are accessible for students to take each trimester.

You can complete three extra modules in one year. These modules give you extra credits but, most importantly, while outside the university, these courses can be expensive, but you get them included in your course for free, and they boost your knowledge and skills massively.

2. Professional Qualifications: If you are planning to become ACCA qualified (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), studying Accounting and Finance at ARU helps you get this professional qualification sooner. Completing exams will give you exemptions towards ACCA and also a discount which you can apply before graduating to become a member.

Lucia Krissakova sitting at a desk with a laptop and monitor

If you plan to work in the Finance sector, the Capital Markets and Investment module, prepare you for the CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment) International Introduction to Securities & Investment exam. Apart from the knowledge to take this exam, you get a discount to start with.

3. Involvement in University Activities: Knowing all the resources and opportunities provided at ARU before starting my studies, I would plan my time even better so I could be more involved with everything happening around. Working more roles for ARU Temps, attending more events, and participating in sports activities with Team ARU is something I missed out on.

I hope my experience studying Accounting and Finance at ARU will help you make informed decisions and organise your time around ARU activities. My journey at ARU was transformative, providing me with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to succeed in the finance sector. Knowing the resources and opportunities available at ARU beforehand would have allowed me to plan my time better and be more involved. Make the most of your time at ARU, and good luck with your studies!


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