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A day in the life of an Animal Behaviour student


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Life Sciences
Course: BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour
Category: Animal sciences

9 May 2022

Bayleigh describes her typical Monday.

It’s a Monday morning in April and I have a uni lecture 12-2pm so I can enjoy a little bit of a lay in and wake up at about 9:30am but not get out of bed till around 10am.

I decide to get in the shower and then get dressed into a tracksuit, so I am comfortable. I wanted to put a little bit of makeup to make myself look more alive and then dried my hair ready for the day. I go into the kitchen to get some orange juice and some cereal for my breakfast and then I brush my teeth and make sure my room is mostly tidy!

Before my lecture at 12 starts, I am quickly making sure that all my lecture notes are completed so I am prepared. This lesson is QTTB which stands for quantitative techniques and tools for biologists, and it covers a lot of basic math skills and online database softwares like SPSS and R.

It’s now about 2pm and I am starting to get a bit hungry again, so I am going to the kitchen to make some lunch. I am making chicken wraps which is probably one of my go-to meals as a student as they are so easy, and you can put almost anything in them!

I then have another lecture 3-5pm and although it is online, I am choosing to walk into the university to do this lesson. The walk from my student accommodation is only about 15 minutes. My accommodation is CB1.

It is 2:55 and I am sitting in the student social area, which is not very busy today, waiting for my 3-5pm lecture to start. This lesson is principles of biology which covers things like evolution, DNA and parasites.

A social space showing comfy sofas in Helmore, Cambridge

This is the social space in Helmore on the Cambridge campus. A great place to work and close to the on-campus Costa.

It is now just after 5pm and my lesson has just finished, and my friends are now meeting me to go into town. We are looking around some shops but did not buy anything because we are now going into Bella Italia for some dinner at 6pm.

A dish of tomato pasta

I ordered a tomato pasta dish which was really nice.

We walked back to our accommodation and the time is now 7:30pm so I am now going to relax for little bit and watch Bridgerton season 2 on Netflix for about an hour and then facetiming my mum back home to just have a general chat about both of our days.

It is now 9pm and me and a couple of my friends and I are going to pure gym for a leg workout. Our gym session lasted about an hour, and we are now sat in the kitchen together cleaning the kitchen whist listening to music as we have a kitchen inspection tomorrow.

Part of a student kitchen showing the counter, seating, toaster and kettle

Our nice tidy kitchen 😊

Two people ready to lift weights taking a photo of themselves in the gym mirror

Pure Gym which is only about a 5-minute walk from my flat.

It’s now about 10pm and I am checking my Unibuddy app account to see if anybody had contacted me wanting information and answers about coming to ARU. This is part of a paid ambassador job that I have with ARU. I am now going to get into comfier clothes, brush my teeth and get into bed and watch some more of Netflix before I go to sleep at around midnight.

Bayleigh is studying Animal Behaviour at ARU in Cambridge. To find out more about our degree courses and student life at ARU, book your place at an Open Day.


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