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7 ways to make your room your own at uni


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Life Sciences
Course: BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour
Category: Animal sciences

5 August 2022

Bayleigh shares tips on how to feel at home in your student accommodation.

1- Photos

In my university room, I have photos of my family, friends and pets in frames and put them up around my room. I even made a collage on a billboard and stood that up in my room. This made me feel closer to home because I could see the pictures of the people, I am closest to, so it helps me not miss them as much!

2- Colour theme

I really liked the idea of having a theme for my room. I chose a charcoal grey for my bedroom and a rose gold for my bathroom. I made sure as many things as I could matched each other so my room looks really put together which I think really made my room feel organised and pretty to look at.

3- Smells

I have a couple of the stick diffusers in my room which are very similar to the ones my family uses at my home. I also use similar air fresheners to what my mum uses too because it doesn’t just make your room smell nice and clean, but it brings a familiar sense to the room, which I really like.

4- Snacks

I keep a snack box in my room which is full of biscuits, chocolate, crisps, sweets etc which I love to go shopping to collect for and organise. I love keeping some snacks in my room, so I don’t have to get up and move very far if I am hungry or just fancy something sweet.

5- Music

In my room I have an alexa which I connect my Bluetooth through so I can play my own music. I love this because I just feel like music really lifts my mood. I have music playing mostly all the time because I just like the background noise instead of silence. Especially when I am cleaning, music really motivates me.

6- Pillows/teddies/blankets

I bought my favourite teddy from home with me which I think made me feel a lot less lonely even if they are stuffed animals. I also like to have a lot of pillows and blankets on my bed, which for me made my bed a lot cosier and more comfortable.

7- Revision notes

Putting up notes like my timetable, revision notes, exam deadlines etc really helps me feel organised and it helps me keep on top of things. I stuck post it notes across my desk in order of when my assignments were due and took each one down when it was completed.

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