New Routes, Old Roots research hub

New Routes, Old Roots explores and raises awareness of refugee migration, marginalisation and heritage, both past and present, through the arts.

Beach at Holme next the Sea in Norfolk

Based at ARU in Cambridge, we work with artists, schools, museums, community groups and members of the public across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. Our arts-based activities and events include:

  • Community Action Research Projects: see ‘Projects’ below for more details
  • community engagement events offered through schools, libraries, colleges, museums and other organisations
  • seminars, symposia and conferences that are open to the public, and bring together researchers, creative practitioners, schoolchildren, and policy makers.


Dr Jeannette Baxter is Director of Old Routes, New Roots and her work on three projects – Come Yew In!, A Day of Welcome, and Havens East – has enabled more than 200,000 primary and secondary school pupils to learn more about refugee migration issues. Read more about Jeannette’s work with non-academic audiences.

Other research projects include:

  • Mile Cross 100, a community research project focusing on social housing history and heritage in Norwich, funded by the National Heritage Lottery
  • Anglia Square, a collaborative research, music and theatre project exploring an iconic area of Norwich’s urban landscape, funded by the National Heritage Lottery
  • All Mouth, No Trousers, a community theatre project telling tales of Norfolk’s radical women through story and song
  • Island, a citizen research project celebrating the settlement stories of people in Great Yarmouth.

You can read more about all our research projects on the New Routes, Old Roots website.


Contact us

We welcome enquiries from groups, institutions and individuals who would like to suggest activities and events, or take part in those we are already planning.

For more information about New Routes, Old Roots and how you can contribute to our research, contact Dr Jeannette Baxter: [email protected].

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