Employability in Practice

"Our University is committed to enhancing opportunities so that, irrespective of background or subject area, our students and graduates have the chance to realise their full potential and make a real difference, helping to transform lives and the communities they serve." (ARU Employability Strategy 2018-2023)

The strategy is informed by a holistic student development approach based on the Graduate Capital Model2 which exemplifies the broader personal capitals required to achieve good employability outcomes.

Working with each faculty's Academic Lead for Employability, we offer a range of resources and events to support colleagues to explore key themes for integrating employability into their teaching practice.

View resources below, book onto forthcoming CPD Opportunities ('Employability in Practice'), and find more resources on Canvas (password protected).

Employability in Practice toolkit

The Employability in Practice toolkit provides a collection of useful materials to guide academic colleagues in integrating employability through the curriculum. It has sections on Live Briefs, using the Anglia Ruskin Graduate Capitals as part of curriculum practice, developing employability through Personal Development Tutoring and many other useful resources. 

Employability in Practice webinars 

  • The X-Factor: Sustainability and employability
  • with Dr Beatriz Acevedo, Academic Lead for Employability and Senior Lecturer on Sustainability
    (Tuesday 25 February 2020)
    Being and doing good - making the case of STEP module.

    • Designing work-integrated learning and placement modules - best practice and new trends
    • with Dr Marina Boz, Academic Lead for Employability
      (Tuesday 28 January 2020)
      Please note the sound starts 15-minutes into the webinar.

      • Transitions and connections: fostering a sense of belonging
      • with Andrew Middleton, Deputy Head, Anglia Learning & Teaching, and Academic Leads for Employability
        (Tuesday 17 December 2019)
        Ten tips for developing a course-wide employability culture.

      • How important is it to talk about employability from day one?
      • with Liam Kite, Academic Lead for Employability
        (Tuesday 15 October 2019)
        Why do we need to engage students from Day 1 and how do we, as academics, achieve this? An opportunity to share some thoughts, questions, and approaches.
      • Why Graduate Capitals?
      • with Andrew Middleton, Deputy Head, Anglia Learning & Teaching
        (Tuesday 17 September 2019)
        At ARU we take an integrated approach to developing our students’ employability through the active curriculum. We will explore with you what this means in practice.
      • The Anglia Ruskin Graduate Capitals explained
      • with Andrew Middleton, Deputy Head, Anglia Learning & Teaching
        (Tuesday 17 September 2019)