Personal Development Tutoring

Rolled out from 2019, ARU’s Personal Development Tutors work together with students for pastoral, academic and professional support and development. 
Anglia Learning and Teaching (ALT) work with teams in Student and Library Services to offer continuing professional development, a range of resources and events to support colleagues with this role.  
ARU’s Community of Personal Development Tutors meets monthly on a voluntary basis to: 

  • Share great practice, updates and discussion 
  • Facilitate links between PDTs, schools and faculties 
  • Facilitate opportunities to collaborate  
  • Provide opportunities to present personal tutoring research 
  • Offer support to publish practice and research 
  • Identify continuing professional development and other forms of support 
  • Develop and recognise the role of Personal Development Tutor professionally 

View the resources below, book onto forthcoming events and visit the Canvas PDT Hub, to find information about the role, the flexible framework, and materials you can adapt and use. 

Talking about Personal Development Tutoring webinar series 

PDT session 5 refresher 
with Amanda Crouch (Student Services) and Kim Holbrook (Student Services) 
PDT and conversations with students 
with Paul Berry (Student Services) 
PDT session 2 refresher 
with Lucas Oliver (Student Services) and Sarah Etchells (AHSS) 
PDT session 4 refresher 
with Lucas Oliver (Student Services) 
AskARU for PDT 
with Rachel Wright (Student Services) 
PDT in Welcome Week 
with Sarah Etchells (AHSS) and Magdalena Partac (B&L) 
Find further dates for ARU’s Community of Personal Development Tutors on our Toolkit pages