Dr Mark Kerrigan

Honorary Visiting Fellow, Centre for Innovation in Higher Education (CIHE)

Mark is a National Teaching Fellow and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) working as the Director of Learning, Teaching and Enhancement at the Plymouth College of Art.


Mark's role is to drive towards pedagogical innovation and provide strong and effective cross-college leadership that will enhance learning and teaching across FE/HE provision.

Mark has professional interests in curriculum design and delivery, assessment, digital literacy and mobile/technology-enriched learning. He holds a PhD from Edinburgh University, is a published researcher and an experienced PhD supervisor. Before this role, Mark was the Director of Learning and Teaching, and University Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Medical Science at Anglia Ruskin University. Previously, he worked in the Educational Development Unit at the University of Greenwich and was a programme leader and Teaching Fellow for the University of Westminster.

He is a co-convenor for the Society of Research into Higher Education, Newer Researchers’ Network and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology. He was a founding member and co-led the national Jisc-funded Change Agents Network and was the project manager for the Jisc-funded Digital Literacies in Higher Education project. Previously, he developed a new model of assessment feedback as part of the Jisc-funded project, Making Assessment Count and co-developed MapMyProgramme – an open-source tool to support the holistic design of assessment. In 2012, Mark was awarded a prize from ALT-C/Google for his Google work.

Research interests
  • Osteoarthritis and mechanotransduction
  • Calcium signalling
  • The role of the cytoskeleton in chondroprotection
  • Digital literacy in staff and students
  • Mobile learning
  • Assessment and feedback
  • PhD, 2004, Edinburgh University
  • PgCHE Education, 2004, Westminster University
  • BSc Applied Biology, 1999, The University of Leeds
  • CHE Biology, 1996, Herriot Watt University
Selected recent publications

Case study in: The student experience of using iPads to enhance undergraduate laboratory teaching. Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association. 2014.

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