Supplying the University

Contracted suppliers are usually appointed to the University through a competitive tender process, or through using tendered framework contracts. The University does not have an 'Approved Supplier List'.


The University advertises tender opportunities and administers the tender process through an e-tendering portal, hosted by In-Tend.


  • Registration is easy and free via In-tend. Please register your company only once.
  • It is important that an email address is entered into the 'Publish Email' box, as this is the address all notifications will be sent to. We advise the use of a generic email address.
  • All tender and quotation activities should be made using the In-Tend system.

For further information and instructions on how to submit a return, please see the Suppliers Guide to e-tendering.

Major contracting opportunities are formally published on the Government's Find a Tender service.

Standard terms of business

The University has a set of standard terms of business which apply unless a contract has been agreed and signed by both parties.

Sustainable, social and responsible procurement

We are working to ensure that responsible and sustainable procurement becomes business as usual for Anglia Ruskin University. We have now rolled out our NETpositive Futures Supplier Engagement Tool to our suppliers. This simple online tool supports our suppliers to create their own sustainability action plan and through our contract management process will help us to measure and monitor our sustainable procurement practices including Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

If you wish to learn more, or to access the tool, please contact [email protected].

Code of Conduct

Download a copy of our Sustain Supply Chain Code of Conduct


The University collaborates widely and uses frameworks from a variety of public sector contracting bodies including: