Student regulations and student protection plan

Academic Regulations

This guide outlines our curriculum and academic standards and helps you understand what to expect. These regulations are in place so we can continue to deliver an efficient curriculum and clarify any issues regarding your academic life.

Access our Academic Regulations (Sixteenth Edition) (PDF)

Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students

All students at ARU are expected to follow our rules, regulations and procedures. If you’re studying at one of our partner institutions, you’ll be told which of our rules apply, along with your local regulations.

Access our Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students (PDF)

Research Degrees Regulations

If you’re studying a Postgraduate Research Degree (PGR), this guide contains information about regulations relating to your area of study.

If you would like to view the current (23rd) edition of our Research Degree Regulations, please email Paul Baxter, Academic Registrar, to request a copy: [email protected].

Student Charter

Our Student Charter details what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you during your time with us. This essential booklet gets updated each year and helps you get the most out of your time at ARU. Please familiarise yourself with the Student Charter so you can understand how we can help you succeed.

Access our Student Charter (PDF)

Student Protection Plan

The Student Protection Plan provides an assessment of the range of risks associated with the continuation of study for students and how such risks could materialise.

Access our Student Protection Plan (PDF)

Student Refunds and Compensation Policy

This document explains the terms for when ARU will make refunds and provide compensation to students in relation to tuition fees, accommodation fees, other relevant costs and miscellaneous payments.

Access our Student Refunds and Compensation Policy (PDF)