The Parlour Room Studio

Course:BA (Hons) Popular Music

21 October 2020

Antony Rubery

Hi. My name is Anthony Rubery. I’m a singer-songwriter, producer and content creator. I graduated from ARU in the summer of 2019, studying Popular Music at the Cambridge campus.

Since graduating, I’ve spent the year developing my career. I released an EP in March, titled Antisocial. Themed around struggles with my mental health, the EP hit 50,000 streams on Spotify in the first month of release - my biggest streaming figures to date!

In June, I gained 1.5 million views on a song I released for TikTok, called ‘Dance With Me’. The success of the single has been the inspiration for a masterclass created by the BBC, which is due to go live on BBC Sounds at the end of October.

Aside from my own music, I have recently opened a new recording studio in North-East London called The Parlour Room Studio. My passion for music production began during my time at ARU and I’m excited to now be taking the first steps in pursuing it as a career.

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