Graduate Capitals

Here at ARU, we support our students to develop life-long career skills and attributes they need to achieve their full potential. We call them Graduate Capitals.

Our Graduate Capitals are a set of six individual skills and personal attributes, valued by employers and industry. They'll help you to succeed throughout university, when applying for jobs, and in your future career.

Three university students in a lecture theatre

Our Graduate Capitals framework helps you to think about and identify the skills you've acquired, so you can include them as part of your unique professional profile and on your CV, stand out from the crowd, and showcase the value you can bring to future employers.

Introducing ARU's Graduate Capitals

1. Knowledge and skills
Are you able to evidence and apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to real-word situations? Can you use your subject knowledge in a professional capacity when you graduate?

2. Social capitals
How have you been able to work with others and build networks and social relationships?

3. Cultural capitals
How do you respond, present yourself and behave in different situations?

4. Identity
Do you know your professional self? What differentiates you from others in the way you behave and present yourself in professional situations? Do you learn from your successes and failures?

5. Adaptability
How resilient are you at being able to adapt confidently and creatively to changing and challenging situations?

6. The whole person
Think about all the attributes you have to offer to employers. What are your personal and professional qualities?

Supporting an integrated approach to employability

You'll have the opportunity to explore and build these attributes and qualities as part of your everyday learning, through our innovative curriculum.

Employability and careers support

To amplify your full career potential, you need to be prepared to dedicate time outside of your studies to volunteer, and build your networks and transferable skills.

Discover how our employability and careers services can support you from your first day at ARU, once you graduate and throughout your working life.