Felix Mayo-Sanchez, Scholar Profile

Published: 17 March 2021 at 11:48

ARU Sports Scholar Profile student

In this week’s sport scholar profile, we’re speaking with fencer, Felix Mayo-Sanchez. Felix, who is due to complete his degree this summer, has been a key figure within our fencing club for the past three years.

Competing in the discipline of sabre, Felix won gold at the BUCS regional tournament in 2020, has represented ARU twice at BUCS Nationals and has led our men’s team in league competition. He has also played a key part in the running of the club and is currently club President.

Name: Felix Mayo Sanchez

Sport: Fencing

Course: BA (Hons) Business with Marketing

Q. Hello Felix, with sports facilities currently closed, how have you been managing keep active during this lockdown?

A: Even though gyms and fencing facilities are closed, there are no excuses, regular runs with my flatmates, strength, conditioning, and mobility exercises with bands or bodyweight are my choices.

Q: What’s your top piece of advice you’d give to others for staying in good health during the different levels of restrictions and lockdowns that we’ve experienced recently?

A. Set goals for yourself. Working towards something makes you feel realised and helps with both mental and physical health. Keep active! Even if it means going for a walk, it helps to focus when you sit down to study, and it gives structure to your day. Plan your meals and set the alarm to go to sleep between 7 and 9 hours.

Q. Despite the challenges and lack of competitive opportunities over the past year, are there any achievements you’re particularly proud of?

A: As an athlete, I think that the person you compete against is yourself. Yes, you might be playing against another team or individual, but there is nothing to worry about if you have done your training. I feel proud of doing my part every day (diet, exercise, and rest), so when restrictions ease off, I am ready.

Q: What are your sporting aims and ambitions for 2021?

A: My objectives include working on my mobility, explosivity, and if the conditions allow it to participate in Opens and EU championships to gain experience.

Q: What has been your favourite sporting memory during your time at ARU?

A: We travelled around the country with the fencing team to fence various championships. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. But always having a team backing you, shouting and cheering up for every point scored is unique. Similarly, to support your buddies on every point is priceless.

Q: What’s the best thing about playing sport at ARU?

A: Represent the university's colours with your mates and a team of professionals supporting you to do the thing you most like.

Q: Finally, what are your current plans for pursuing your sporting career when you graduate?

A: Join a competitive fencing club in another country to push my limits and see different kinds of training and fencing. As well as being able to combine as many competitions as possible with a Master's degree.