Centre for Equine and Animal Science (CEQAS)

Close-up of a student using a microscope

CEQAS brings together ARU Writtle staff with animal and equine expertise.

Group members specialise in many aspects of the study of farm and domestic animals and horses, including behaviour, care, nutrition, production and husbandry, exercise performance, reproduction and breeding, and welfare.

The Centre's objectives are to engage in high quality research and consultancy, and deliver high standards in training and teaching in the fields of animal and equine science.

We work both with and for industry, being engaged in a number of collaborative agreements with other educational and research institutes, as well as directly with industry.

We have provided, and continue to provide, numerous opportunities for students to complete assignments, case studies, and dissertations based on ongoing work.

Our people

  • Dr Jonathan Amory
  • Dr Jarmila Bone
  • Dr Sifelani Chikunya
  • Dr Romain Paillot
  • Dr Nieky van Veggel
  • Rosa Verwijs