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Benefits of performance testing

The British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences Accreditation

Why test with CCSES?

The Performance and Exercise Testing Consultancy was launched in Spring 2018 with three central aims:

  1. To provide tailored scientific support services to meet client needs in an informative, beneficial and user-friendly manner;
  2. To provide a goal-driven professional service with client satisfaction at the forefront of our delivery;
  3. To provide real-world learning and employability experiences for our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a unique environment in which to assess human performance, ranging from the benefits of regular exercise through to high level performance.

Our Performance Testing Laboratory is one of several testing areas within Compass House through which we can provide tailored scientific support services to individuals and teams interested in improving health, fitness and performance. Our laboratory facilities are nationally accredited by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES), recognising the high standards routinely undertaken within our Performance & Exercise Testing Consultancy.

Benefits of testing

Whether your goal is to get fit, lose weight, train for a specific sport, prepare for a marathon, or even take on an Ironman triathlon, our services can benefit and support you. Getting fit and healthy is one challenge, training for performance is another; however both benefit from knowing if the exercise is actually achieving your goals.

How our clients benefit from regular exercise testing:

  • Supporting lifestyle changes
  • Measuring body composition and monitoring weight-related goals
  • Monitoring current fitness level and training progress
  • Establishing individualised training zones
  • Supporting or modifying training programmes based on scientific data
  • Assessing performance economy and preparing for events
  • Assessing fat burning potential with exercise
  • Improving performance through application of scientific principles

Not only do our services help clients achieve their goals through regular tracking, but also provides a real motivation to train correctly.

What test is best for you?