Research in Writtle School of Animal and Environment Sciences

Our School is home to four areas of research: Animals in Motion, Equine and Animal Science, Crop Science, and Post Harvest Technology.

Our Animals in Motion Laboratory develops research in the areas of animal biomechanics, exercise physiology and performance.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Equine and Animal Science (CEQAS) focuses on farm and domestic animals and horses. It explores areas such as behaviour, care, nutrition, production and husbandry, exercise performance, reproduction and breeding, and welfare.

Members of our Crop Science team are investigating the environmental and physiological aspects of crop plant productivity and pathology.

And finally our Post Harvest Technology Unit is exploring disease reduction in stored fruits and vegetables using non-chemical treatments, and the pre-harvest treatment of cut flowers to improve longevity. As well as research, the unit is engaged in teaching and consultancy work.

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