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Dr Wei-Ping Wu

Associate Professor in Management, DBA Supervisor
Faculty of Business and Law
Areas of Expertise:
Business, management and leadership , Entrepreneurship and technology startups , Human Resources Management , International Business , Marketing , Organisational Behaviour , Strategy
Research Supervision:
Dr Wu has been doing research on business and management in China and international business in the past 30 years. He is an elected full member of the Institute of Export, London, UK. Email

Prior to joining Anglia Ruskin University, Dr Wu had worked with University of International Business & Economics, China; Sheffield Hallam University, UK; University of Hull, UK; Lingnan University, Hong Kong; and Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong in full-time capacity. Dr Wu also worked in part-time or visiting capacity with Ulster University, UK and University of Nottingham, Ningbo Campus, China. He was director, Institute of Pacific Asia Studies, University of Hull; coordinator, Curtin-Lingnan DBA programme; and director, DBA programme, Hong Kong Baptist University. His research has appeared in such ABS 4 journals as Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Studies and Journal of World Business.

Research interests
  • Marketing such as consumer marketing and industrial marketing
  • International business such as market entry and knowledge transfer in JVs.
  • Organizational behaviour such as Leader and member exchange and industrial relations climate
  • Cross cultural management
  • Strategic management such as dynamic capabilities and performance; business networks and performance
Areas of research supervision
  • An Empirical Study of Firm Performance and Synergy Creation in Hong Kong: A Network Approach (DBA)
  • Social capital and Performance of Entrepreneurial Firms (DBA)
  • Linking Foreign Parent-Transferred Knowledge with Performance Superiority (PhD)
  • Information Sharing, Operational Capabilities and Firm Performance (PhD)
  • Absorptive Capacity and Performance: The Moderating Roles of Socialization and Intra-Information Sharing (DBA)
  • Absorptive Capacity, Marketing Capabilities and Performance of Social Enterprises (PhD)
  • The Effect of Product Diversification on Firm Performance in an Emerging Economy: A Perspective of Sub-National Institutions (PhD)
  • The Impact of Leadership Styles on Innovation and Firm performance: Taking Small-Medium Enterprises in China as an Example (DBA)
  • Entrepreneurial Training and Entrepreneurial Intentions (DBA)
  • High Commitment Work Practice and Turnover Intention (DBA)
  • Leadership, Innovation Capability, and SME's Product Innovation Performance: The Moderating Roles of Reward Philosophy and Entrepreneurial Culture (DBA)
  • Short-term Orientation and Performance (DBA)
  • Social Media Marketing on Facebook: The Role of Construal Level (DBA)
  • Absorptive Capacity, Incremental Innovative Capability and Performance: The Moderating Roles of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Transactional Leadership (PhD)
  • BA in International Trade, University of International Business & Economics, China
  • MA in International Trade, University of International Business & Economics, China
  • PhD, Business and Management, Ulster University, UK
Selected recent publications
  • Sun, Y., Tekleab, A., Cheung, M., and Wu, W-P (2022). The Contingent Roles of Market Turbulence and Organizational Innovativeness on the Relationships among Interfirm Trust, Formal Contracts, Interfirm Knowledge Sharing and Firm performance, Journal of Knowledge Management, DOI (10.1108/JKM-04-2022-0289) ABS2
  • Bai, Y, Wu, W-P* and MFY Cheung (2019). How Personality Traits, Employee Incompetence, and Consumer Similarity Influence Shoplifting Behaviour. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 36 (3), 379-392. *Corresponding author ABS1
  • Zhang, JF., Wu, W-P and Chan, R (2018) Leveraging Channel Management Capability for Knowledge Transfer in International Joint Ventures in an Emerging Market: A Moderated Mediation model, Industrial Marketing Management, 75, 173-183. ABS3
  • Zhang, JF and Wu, W-P (2017) Leveraging Internal Resources and External Business Networks for New Product Success: Dynamic Capabilities Perspective, Industrial Marketing Management, 61, 170-181. ABS 3
  • Cheung, F.Y. M. and Wu, W-P. (2014). Leader-member Exchange and the Industrial Relations Climate: The Mediating Role of Participatory Management in China, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 52 (2), 255-275. ABS2
  • Zhang, JF and Wu, W-P (2013). Social Capital and New Product Development Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Sensing Capability in Chinese High-tech Firms. Journal of World Business, 48 (4), 539-548. ABS4
  • Cheung, F.Y. M., Wu, W-P and Wong, ML (2013). Supervisor-subordinate Kankei, Job Satisfaction and Work Outcomes in Japanese Firms, International Journal of Cross-cultural Management, 13 (3), 265-278. ABS1
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  • Wu, W-P (2008). Dimensions of Social Capital and Firm Competitiveness Improvement: The Mediating Role of Information Sharing, Journal of Management Studies, 45 (1): 122-146  ABS4
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