Tim Webster

Faculty of Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
Cambridge School of Creative Industries
Areas of Expertise:
Music technology , Music
Courses taught:

Tim is a studio engineer with over 20 years' experience, working in recording, mixing, and producing. He has worked on many commercially successful releases in many studios, and also tours internationally as a stage MIDI and keys technician.

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Since picking up a guitar at a very young age, music has been all Tim has been focussed on. After gaining years of experience in both the studio and live music environments, Tim joined ARU to pass on his knowledge and experience. He works professionally as a recording and mix engineer; a producer; a remixer; and tours as a stage MIDI and keys technician.

Tim’s skills are multi-faceted, in that he has a deep academic and theoretical understanding of all aspects of music production, as well as real-world experience and knowledge of how things are really done. In addition to this, Tim is a musical artist in his own right and as such is very aware of the blurred boundary between art and science, and firmly believes in using one to create the other.

Research interests
  • Bass culture
  • Contemporary music production methods
  • Analogue recording and mixing
  • Art through science

Tim currently teaches on the following modules:

  • Advanced Audio Techniques
  • Electronics for Music
  • Live Sound Engineering
  • MA Creative Music Production, University of Hertfordshire
  • BSc (Hons) Audio & Music Technology, Anglia Ruskin University