Dr Tim Jarvis

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
Cambridge School of Creative Industries
Areas of Expertise:
Creative writing
Research Supervision:
Courses taught:

Tim Jarvis is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at ARU, and a writer of supernatural fiction. He has research interests, as a practitioner and critic, in the fields of genre fiction, the Gothic, experimental and innovative writing, fictocriticism, and creative writing pedagogy.

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Tim’s ‘last man’ novel The Wanderer was first published in 2014 (Perfect Edge) and came out in a new limited edition in 2022 (Zagava). His supernatural tales have appeared a variety of places. In 2012, he was shortlisted for the Lightship International Short Fiction Prize.

He is also interested in drone and ambient music and has collaborated with sound artists on sleeve notes, performance, and text for music video.

He is a member of the committee of the Friends of Arthur Machen, a society dedicated to the life and works of the Welsh author of the fantastic, and co-edits the Friends' journal, Faunus.

Research interests
  • Genre fiction
  • The Gothic
  • Innovative writing
  • Fictocriticism
  • Writing for performance
  • Digital literature
  • Creative Writing pedagogy
Areas of research supervision
  • Creative Writing practice, especially in the fields of genre fiction, the Gothic, innovative writing, digital literature, and fictocriticism
  • Critical projects in these areas

Tim currently teaches on the following modules:

  • Writing Speculative Fiction
  • Multiplatform Storytelling 2
  • Special Subject
  • Patterns of Story: Fiction and its Forms
  • Workshop: The Novel
  • PhD Creative Writing, University of Glasgow
  • MA Creative Writing, University of East Anglia
  • BA Film and Literature, University of Warwick
Memberships, editorial boards
  • Co-editor of Faunus, the journal of the Friends of Arthur Machen
  • Fellow Higher Education Academy
Selected recent publications

Jarvis, T. J., forthcoming 2023. ‘(That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace’ in M. Jones (ed.), On a Dark, Raging Sea. Exile in the Margins.

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Jarvis, T. J. 2021. ‘You Must All Be Very Worried: Freud’s Uncanny and Hoffmann’s “The Sandman”’, in D. Coxon & R. Hirst (eds), Writing the Uncanny: Essays on Crafting Strange Fiction. Liverpool: Dead Ink.

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Recent presentations and conferences

2022: Beds Talk: Telling Stories

2017-18: ‘When cut, the present you leaks out into the future’, Wolverhampton Literary Festival, B&O Play Event, Ace Hotel Shoreditch, Various

2017: Edge Poetics: A Symposium on Innovative and Speculative Writing Practices in Higher Education

2017: Universal Harvester, London Launch

2016: A Weekend of Weird, Loughborough University

2016: Twisted Tales: Ghost Stories at Keele Hall, Keele University

2015: Twisted Tales of the Weird, John Rylands Library, Part of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Gothic Festival

2013: The Weird: Fugitive Fictions/Hybrid Genres, Birkbeck, University of London