Dr Swetketu Patnaik

Head of School: School of Economics, Finance and Law (SEFL)
Faculty of Business and Law
Economics, Finance and Law
Areas of Expertise:
Business, management and leadership , International Business , Business Management
Research Supervision:

Swetketu’s research and practitioner expertise revolves around management of inter-organisational relationships and management of organisational change and adaptation.

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Swetketu received his PhD in Corporate Strategy and Policy from University of Liverpool analysing evolution of inter-organisational relationships (strategic alliances) in the biopharmaceutical industry. Before pursuing a career in the academia, he attained rich experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, management consultancy and electronic media sector in India. He has been researching and advising organisations on matters relating to management of strategic alliances and organisational change. He has recently completed a four year research studying a strategic alliance between two Blue Light organisations in the UK. His forthcoming book (with Professor Paresh Wankhade) ‘Collaboration and Governance in the Emergency Services: Issues, Opportunities and Challenges’ is published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Research interests
  • Managing inter-organisational relationships
  • Institutional and Organisational Change
  • Development of alliance and acquisition capabilities in emerging country organisations
  • Management of innovation in collaborative settings

Broadly, Swetketu's research interests revolve around dynamic evolution (change) and management of social systems. He adopts institutional based approaches to study processes of change and adaptation in organisations. In particular, he is interested in exploring structural conditions that trigger institutional and organisational changes and how practitioners, individually and collectively, experience and cope with such structural changes. He is also interested in examining how practitioners experience and cope with challenges that result from alliancing (inter-organisational) activities of their organisations. He employs qualitative methods (e.g. field observations, interviews) and make use of social (practice theories) and institutional theories.

Areas of research supervision

Current PhD supervision: 

  • Ames Tuffour: Institutional change in Ghana’s Gold Mining Sector – 1900-2010 (Expected submission – Oct 2019). 
  • Leenkesh Ramlagun: Exploring the emergence of philanthropic organisations as central actors in the global health system (Expected submission May 2020). 
  • Sujay Sinha: Collaborative behaviour of private Indian Business School (Expected submission June 2020). 
  • Preethi Nair: Does cultural intelligence of alliance managers affect key success factors in alliance management? (Expected submission July 2020) 
  • Manisha Dey: Investigating capability development from internationalisation by Indian family firms in the biopharmaceutical industry. (Expected submission July 2021).

Swetketu has taught a range of Corporate Strategy and International Business based subjects at different levels (Executive; Postgraduate and Undergraduate) in different universities in India, UK, USA and Germany. On numerous occasions, he has been nominated for student led ‘Made a Difference Awards’, in different categories including, Excellence Teaching and Outstanding Personal Tutor awards.

  • PhD Corporate Strategy and Policy, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
  • MA in Organisation Studies, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
  • MBA in International Business and Marketing, IILM, New Delhi, India
  • B.Com (Hons) in Management, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (Higher Education), Anglia Ruskin University (UK)
Memberships, editorial boards
  • Academy of Management
  • British Academy of Management
  • Academy of International Business
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange
  • Exploring development of collaborative capabilities in two collaborating Police Forces in England – Lead Investigator (£3000 funded by the Business School, ARU, 2015). Principal Investigator. 
    The ambitious strategic alliance between the two forces was formed to achieve a combined annual saving of £12 million by 2018. My research focused on investigating leadership and cultural challenges as the two forces co-developed processes across a range of functions over time. We interviewed more than 60 members of police staff / officers in both the forces and collected responses from 300 + respondents in a survey. 
  • Facilitating large-scale cultural change management in a large UK MNC – Co-investigator (Knowledge Transfer Partnership, project funded £185,000 by Innovate UK and the UK MNC; July 2015-Jan 2018). Support Academic. 
    The project involves evaluating the relationship between the supply chain networks and developing approaches for greater integrating of the company’s small and medium supply chain partners to achieve better flexibility and accessibility. 
  • Exploring the ‘Evolution of Business Practices’ AIM Research Assistant (Research funded by ESRC / EPSRC 2004--07)
    This large scale, cross -sector and cross-country research explored evolution of core business practices, namely socialisation practices, business development and relationship management and collaborative practices in Management Consultancy, Retail Banking and Biopharmaceutical firms. Research Assistant. 
Selected recent publications

Wankhade, P. and Patnaik, S. ‘Blue light Integration: Interoperability and Collaboration between Emergency Services: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities’. Palgrave Macmillan. (Forthcoming, August 2019)

Pereira, V., Mellahi, K., Temouri, Y., Patnaik, S. and Roohanifar, M. (2018).  ‘Investigating Dynamic Capabilities, Agility and Knowledge Management within EMNEs- Longitudinal Evidence from Europe’. Journal of Knowledge Management (2* ABS)&

Drydakis, N.  Sidiropoulou, K. Selmanovic, S. and Patnaik, S (2018). “Masculine vs Feminine Personality Traits and Women’s Employment Outcomes in Britain: A Field Experiment”. International Journal of Manpower, Vol. 39 Issue: 4, pp.621-630. (2* ABS)

Patnaik, S., Tamuri, Y., Tuffour, J,. Torba, S. and Singh, S.K. (2018). Corporate social responsibility and multinational enterprise identity: insights from a mining company's attempt to localise in Ghana. Social Identities, 24:5, 604-623.

Ghosh, S. and Patnaik, S. (2012): “The independent banking commission (Vickers) report – Squaring the circle?”  International Journal of Law and Management, 54 (2), 141:152.

Recent presentations and conferences

Tuffour, J., Patnaik, S., and Malik, A. The Quest for CSR amidst Institutional Changes: Mapping the Responsible and Irresponsible Practices within Ghana’s Gold Mining Industry. Paper accepted for presentation at the Academy of International Business Conference, Copenhagen, July 2019.

Patnaik, S., Pereira, V., Temouri, Y., Malik, A. ‘The Dance of Power and Trust- Exploring Micro-Foundational Dimensions in the Development of Global Health Partnership’. Paper accepted for presentation at the British Academy of Management Conference, September 2019.

Patnaik, S. and Wankhade, P. ‘Understanding Leadership in Inter-Organisational Collaborations – Emerging Insights from an Emergency Service Collaboration’. Paper accepted for presentation at the British Academy of Management Conference, 2019.

Wankhade, P. and Patnaik, S. Contested governance and an over-stretched workforce:  challenges facing the UK emergency services- Paper submitted to the European Management of Academy (EURAM) Annual Conference, Lisbon, June, 2019.

Caldwell, N. and Patnaik, S.  The Emergence of Brand Building: William Lever and Sunlight Soap (UK, 1884). Paper presented at the 78th Academy of Management conference, Chicago, Illinois, August 2018.

Wankhade, P. and Patnaik, S. 'Blue light Integration: a pipe dream?' Paper accepted for presentation at the XXII International Research Society for Public Management, Edinburgh April 2018. 

Patnaik, S. Unpacking coordinational challenges in inter-organisational relationships: Insights from emergency service collaborations. Paper to be presented at the 32nd BAM conference, Bristol, September 2018.

Patnaik, S. and Tuffour, J. CSR as a mechanism to address liability of foreigner. Paper presented at the AIB Annual Conference, Dubai, July 2017.

Patnaik, S. Alliance capability development in family firms: insights from a rapidly growing Indian MNC. Paper presented at the AIB Annual conference, New Orleans, USA, 2016.

Roohanifar, M; Patnaik, S., and Cannon, T. Does contextual ambidexterity facilitate the SME growth process? – Emerging insights from a study on the UK SMEs. Paper presented at the 30th BAM Conference, Newcastle Sept 2016.

Patnaik, S. Integrating history in alliance research: Introducing Morphogenetic Approach. Paper presented at the 29th BAM Conference, Portsmouth, Sept 2015.