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Dr Stiphen Chowdhury

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Computing and Information Science
Areas of Expertise:
Artificial Intelligence , Computer Science
Research Supervision:

Dr Stiphen Chowdhury is a Lecturer in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

[email protected]


Stiphen has a mix of academic and commercial experience. Before joining ARU, Stiphen held positions at the University of Hertfordshire and has worked in software development using mainly C++, Java and Python.

Stiphen received his Masters in Software Engineering and PhD in Data Science from the University of Hertfordshire.

Stiphen is particularly interested in feature weighting as well as unsupervised and semi-supervised learning. He is a member of the Computing, Informatics and Applications Research Group.

Research interests
  • Feature Weighting
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Semi-Supervised Learning
Areas of research supervision
  • Feature Weighting in Clustering
  • Unsupervised Feature Selection
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Systems
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Software Principles
  • Computer Modelling and Simulation
  • Computing Research Methodologies
  • PhD in Data Science, University of Hertfordshire
  • MSc in Software Engineering, University of Hertfordshire
Selected recent publications

Chowdhury, S., Helian, N., & de Amorim, R.C. (2023). Feature weighting in DBSCAN using reverse nearest neighbours. Pattern Recognition, 137, 109314.

Chowdhury, S., & de Amorim, R.C. (2019). An efficient density-based clustering algorithm using reverse nearest neighbour. In Intelligent Computing: Proceedings of the 2019 Computing Conference, Volume 2 (pp. 2942). Springer International Publishing.