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Sarah Lewis

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Psychology and Sport Science
Research Supervision:

Chartered Organisational Psychologist specialising in positive, strengths-based and dialogic approaches to individual and organisational change. Experienced in teaching and practice delivery with Practice Teacher Award and Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Email: [email protected]

Website: Appreciating Change

Website: The Positive Psychology Shop




Sarah initially built her expertise in helping people change their ways of thinking and behaviour by working in child protection. Since then she has worked as a coach, consultant, trainer and facilitator for over 20 years with organizations from production and service sectors as well as with higher education, not-for-profit, NHS, and local and central government. Sarah is an experienced facilitator.

She is the author of ‘Positive Psychology for Business’, ‘Positive Psychology at Work’, ‘Positive Psychology and Change’ and ‘Co-creating planning teams for dialogic OD’ and lead author of ‘Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management’. She is a recognised expert in these areas and speaks regularly at national and international conferences.

She has taught at post-graduate level at the University of East London, Birkbeck College University of London and Westminster University. She has also delivered diploma level courses at the Singapore School of Positive Psychology.

Sarah started working with ARU in 2017

Research interests

Not actively engaged in research

Areas of research supervision
  • Organisational
  • leadership
  • transformation
  • social work.

  • Positive organisational psychology and appreciative inquiry


2021 Goldsmiths University Masters in Creative Writing: with distinction.

2016 Open University BA 1st class in English Literature and Language (Hons).

2010 Open University Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing.

1998 - 1999 University of East London Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

1997 Division of Occupational Psychology Chartered Psychologist.

1994 - 1996 University of East London M.Sc. in Occupational and Organizational Psychology: with distinction.

1993-1994 KCC International Certificate in Systemic Consultation.

1991-1992 Southbank Polytechnic Practice Teacher Award.

1984-985 University of Nottingham M.A in Social Work and Certificate of Qualification in Social Work.

1976-1979 University of Wales: Cardiff College B.Sc. Economics (Hons. 2.1) Special Subject Psychology.

Memberships, editorial boards

Associate, Division of Occupational Psychologists

Fellow, British Psychological Society 20929

Principal, Association of Business Psychologists 0033

Member, International Positive Psychology Association 1695

Selected recent publications

Lewis, S. (2021) Appreciative Inquiry Coaching in the Workplace in Smith, Boniwell and Green, Positive Psychology Coaching in the Workplace. Springer

Lewis, S. (2021) Co-Creating Planning Teams for Dialogic OD: From Entry to Event. BMI Series

Lewis, S. (2019) Positive Psychology in Business: 101 Workplace Ideas and Applications. Pavilion Publishing, UK

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Recent presentations and conferences

2022, HR Conference, Tallinn Estonia.

2022, Bucks IMAPP Festival, UK.

2022, ARU IMAPP Festival, UK.

2021, Global HR (Virtual).

2019, Positive Psychology Summit, UK.

2018, Global Conference on Positive Change, Amsterdam.

2018, European Conference on Positive Psychology Budapest, 2022, Iceland.

2019, Positive Psychology in Practice London 2018, Utrecht.

2017, Change Management Institute.

2017, EU Parliament Wellbeing Week.

2016, Hosting the EU AI Network meeting.

2016, Australian/NZ speaking tour, spoke at: Auckland University of Technology; The Australian institute Of Project Managers; The Positivity Institute; The Langley Group; The Society of Professional Social Workers; and The Training Consortium (arm of the Tasmanian State Government)

2015, CIPD Applied Research Conference.

2015, The World Appreciative Inquiry Conference – Johannesburg. Nice, 2019 and previously in 2013

2015, The World Positive Psychology Conference, Orlando.

2015, 2018, 2019, 2020 and many previous years, The British Psychological Society DOP Annual Conference.

2015, 2020 (virtual) and many previous years, The Association of Business Psychologists Annual Conference.

2015, Publisher's Internal International Sales Conference.