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Sam Reynolds

PhD Researcher
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Life Sciences

[email protected]
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Thesis title:

Vocal Complexity in Corvids.

Supervisory Team

Dr Claudia Wascher

Dr Jacob Dunn

Research Group

Sam is a member of our Behavioural Ecology Research Group.

Summary of Research

Corvids, which are the family of birds containing all species of crows, jackdaws, ravens, magpies, and their allies, are socially complex and have a high cognitive ability. They are well studied, well regarded in research, and have been both revered and loathed from ancient cultures and mythology to the modern day. Despite this, we know very little about the sounds they make. Through original data collection and collaborating with people worldwide, Sam is using cutting edge statistical analysis to investigate the complexity of their vocalisations, comparing them to other species within the family, and quantifying the way that they use their different vocalisations in terms of their structure and sequence.