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Dr Ryan Hill

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Business and Law
Economics, Finance and Law
Areas of Expertise:
Research Supervision:

Ryan entered academia after working in international development and relief work. His law interests relate to experiences from his previous career.

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Ryan graduated from the University of Essex with a BA in Philosophy with Human Rights, an LLM in International Human Rights Law and a PhD in Law. He taught at the University of Essex, for the Open Societies Foundation in Istanbul and at the University of Bedfordshire before joining ARU in January 2015.

Ryan's teaching and research interests engage with international human rights law, theory and practice, legal philosophy and the interplay between law, politics and society.

Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Norwegian
Research interests
  • The intersection between Philosophy and Law
  • Constitutional law and constitutionalism
  • Human rights, in particular freedom of religion, the rights of older people and the rights of people with dementia
Areas of research supervision
  • International Human Rights Law, theory and practice
  • The intersection between philosophy and law
  • Constitutional law and constitutionalism
  • Freedom of religion
  • LLB
  • LLM International Business and Commercial Law
  • BA Philosophy with Human Rights, University of Essex
  • LLM International Human Rights Law, University of Essex
  • PhD Law, University of Essex
  • PGCert Higher Academic Practice, University of Bedfordshire
Memberships, editorial boards
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy (HEA)
  • Member, Law and Religion Scholars Network
Selected recent publications

Hill, R., 2020. Challenging the Right to Offend Religious Sensibilities in the Face of Foreseeable Harm. Law and Justice - The Christian Law Review, 184, pp, 37-57.

Hill, R., Open Options Education and Children's Religious Upbringing: A Critical Review of Current Discussions Taking Place in the UK Parliament. Oxford Journal of Law and Religion, 8(3), pp. 567-589.

Hill, R., 2017. Counter-Extremism in British Schools: Ensuring Respect for Parents' Rights Over Their Children's Religious Upbringing. British Journal Of Education Studies, pp. 1-15.

Hill, R., 2015. Respecting religious freedoms and freedom itself: How "on earth" do we raise our children?. In Gozdecka, D., Kmak, M. (eds.), 2015. Europe at the Edge of Pluralism (Cambridge: Intersentia), pp. 147-160.

Hill, R., 2014. Non-discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation: Should the law accord exemptions on the basis of freedom of conscience? Questions of International Law, 1, pp. 13-26.

Hill, R., 2013. The French prohibition on veiling in public places: Rights evolution or violation? Oxford Journal of Law and Religion, 2(2), pp. 417-439.

Hill, R., 2012. Closing the Legitimacy Gap on the Journey towards a Universality of Human Rights. In Bennett, S., O'Brien É. (eds.), 2012. What Future for Human Rights in a non-Western World? (London: Institute of Commonwealth Studies), pp. 37-48.

Hill, R., 2010. Legal pluralism in the liberal state: A defence of the Archbishop of Canterbury or a human rights impasse? Law and Justice, 165, pp. 124-143.

Recent presentations and conferences

Presentation of a paper on 'Challenging the right to offend religious sensibilities in the face of foreseeable harm' at Royal Holloway University, 20 January 2021

Presentation at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas on problems around the non-violent extremism in the UK Government's PREVENT strategy, 27 October 2018.

Presentation at the International Conference on Dementia and Human Rights, Salford University, 10-11 September 2018, paper entitles: ‘The human rights of people with medium to advanced forms of dementia: how might we view these rights and give them effect?'